Exciting news du jour!

Having had one of my articles in the last issue of UCL’s Pi Magazine, I thought I’d give it another shot this month. My idea was to get in touch with a staple of 1990s children’s television and find out what they’re up to these days. The person I chose was Art Attack’s finest, Neil Buchanan. Unfortunately his responses to my interview questions didn’t make it back to me in time to make the print deadline, but I’ve just been informed that the interview will be going online at some point soon, so I shall inform you once I know the details myself! I would also like to scan my print copy of my article in the magazine (it was a travel article; a city review of Reykjavik that approximately nobody bar myself and my mum have read) so that I can get that on here too.

In other journalism-related news, apparently two more of my course books have arrived at home today. I’m heading back to Brighton for Mother’s Day on Friday, so I know what I’ll be spending my weekend doing…

Also, The Guardian is running a journalism competition whereby entrants must write a short piece about an issue affecting the developing world. Themes cover topics such as AIDS, childbirth in Africa, malnutrition and how to attract the young back into agriculture for the sake of rural communities. I would very much like to enter, and have asked my mum if she could find out how I could get in touch with her school’s link school in Africa. I am thinking of tackling the malnutrition issue, and so I am going to see if I can ask the teachers of the link school some questions, because as I understand it the school is in a relatively impoverished area. Of course some of the pupils may come from somewhat more affluent backgrounds, relatively speaking, judging by the fact they are at school at all, but it would be interesting to get a perspective from someone (the teacher) who deals with children from all sorts of backgrounds day by day, and who will probably have at least some understanding of the diets of the children in their care.

OK that’s probably about all there is to say for now, but I shall keep you posted on further developments!



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