Absent note


Sorry I’ve been MIA recently – had a bit of a technical issue earlier this week (by which I mean my laptop charger quite literally fell apart, and a certain useless computer company have been particularly sluggish in sending me a replacement.) I’m back home now though, so my online presence has been restored!

I’m going to be writing a couple of feature pieces in the next couple of days, about ‘niceness’ and something which will hopefully come to me in the bath. I have had responses from the PR people of some of my prospective interviewees, so I will send off my questions and hopefully have some new material to work with by way of interviews soon!

Updates on journalism-y things include the fact that I have now finished my Essential Reporting book. I think perhaps I was a little keen in reading the whole thing before even starting the course, but days without a laptop mean I had to find other forms of entertainment. And entertaining it was – I can imagine it’s an interesting read even for people not intending to go into journalism. There are lots of aspects of the trade I’d never even considered before, and I think I’ll look at reports in a whole new light from now on.

Sorry again about the lack of posts, and I’ll hopefully be back in full swing tomorrow with a new piece for you!



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