Hello Europe, Copenhagen calling

Hello, and yes, the title is indeed Eurovision-inspired,

Tomorrow, at the painful time of 5:30am, I will be waking up to go to Copenhagen! Therefore you won’t be hearing from me until Monday, when I will do a writeup of the trip, which is of course, good practice for travel journalism (the ultimate dream, pretty much).

I’ve really enjoyed reading the feedback on my BNP interview, and thank you for all the nice comments! I’m in the process of collecting more responses from a variety of people, so hopefully next week I’ll be able to get some more writeups on here. Still very interested in finding more people to interview about whatever they like, so please please please offer yourselves up! I’ve not had anyone who’s been unhappy with the way they’ve been portrayed so far, so don’t worry about me writing anything ridiculing you, as that’s not what I’m here for and not a reputation I’d like to gain.

I must admit, I’ve been slacking on the shorthand practice recently. I might do a bit on the plane tomorrow. My friend Sophy doesn’t like flying, so I’ve said I’ll distract her by interviewing her using shorthand, which would be my first attempt at natural speech-speed transcription. Probably won’t go very well, but an interview with her would be fantastic, as she’s naturally very funny. Next week I will aim to do a bit every day, and I have to order my final textbook about media law.

Please carry on sharing and commenting on any pieces you like, as I’d be eternally grateful, and I’ll be back on Monday!



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