Weekend workhorse


I’ve had a pretty busy weekend. I’ve been chasing stats and stories, and I’ve managed to conduct two phone interviews. I think we actually have training for phone interviews coming up soon, but they went fine anyway, haha.

I’m really feeling the pressure now, from trying to finish my uni work (one essay down, one to finish in draft form today) to trying to keep up with journalism work. I’m currently halfway through writing an art review (I have so much more to say than the 300 words allowed, but that’s kind of the whole point, learning to write concisely and informatively) and I’ve done my shorthand homework. Need to do some drilling later. I urgently need to get this essay draft down though, as there’s less than a week before the deadline, but then it’s journalism journalism journalism. I also have a couple of other stories to write up.

Today I went to an event which I’ll write up at least for my portfolio, and hopefully I’ll get it on my community page when we have access to them.

Tomorrow is Media Law all day. I’ll flick through the book tonight I think to see what we’ll be up to. I just have so much to do right now! I know it’ll always be like this if I make it as a journalist, juggling stories and appointments and interviews etc., but I’m not a journalist yet by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m seriously dying!

I was thinking the other day that I think my past decisions will really help me in terms of contacts. I’ve never gone to a ‘follow on’ school where there’s an obvious link between two levels of schooling. I went to a totally different junior school to my infant school, then a totally different secondary school, then a totally different college, and now for half the year I’m based in London. Now I’m on this course with a whole new set of people again, and I think it’s been good for me to live like this in terms of confidence, interacting with new people and also… CONTACTS. Contacts are invaluable, and I have access to a lot of people. Only a good thing, surely?



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  1. easy AJ says:

    Hi, just want to let you know that http://www.mouthlondon.com is always on the lookout for young student writers (esp. the ones based in London), they do online and print version of their magazine. Might be a great way to start your portfolio! The founders are really nice too, just give them a shout out if you’re interested!

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