Time’s a-tickin’


Here’s a shocker for you: I’M REALLY REALLY BUSY. I’m trying to finish off my Sociolinguistics coursework (should’ve done it weeks ago, but my excuse is that I’m a student), write my studentbeans.com piece, finish off the feature I want to send to a magazine and also keep on top of life in general. I have a take-home exam next week, which’ll be a nightmare (partly because I’m awful at the subject, partly because THERE IS NO TIME), and of course there’s always shorthand to do. And a Media Law question. OH panic.

Despite being so busy, I’m really quite chirpy at the moment. Still loving the course, still shocked by the fact that I don’t wake up dreading going in. The polar opposite of uni. Everything is going quite well, which scares me, because of course this feeling always precedes some awful crisis. Obviously.

In Media Law yesterday, we looked at the Contempt of Court Act again, and then the Sexual Offences Act and copyright issues. I ruddy bloody love Media Law; it’s really interesting, which I wasn’t expecting. To be honest there’s nothing I particularly dislike about the course. PA is difficult for me, as someone who’s never really had a strong interest in the workings of the country, but amazingly enough I do actually find it quite interesting; albeit A LOT to learn.

It’s weird to think that this time this year, all my education is over forever. We’re hurtling through the NCTJ, I think. My degree, not so much, but it’s only another six months-ish to go from October. I’m so excited about getting a job. If I ever do. Magazines, newspapers or websites: this is a very open, very desperate plea to hold a position open for me to fill this time next year. I’ll be gr8.

Just remembered that I also have another patch story to write, and I need to arrange a date to interview my old flatmate. I’m going to write a piece about what it’s like to be a medical student, and I’m waiting on answers from a Cambridge medic, and then I’ll also ask my old flatmate (a UCL medic) to put a feature together.

OK I don’t know what I think I’m doing to be honest, I have way too much on to be blogging. I just thought I’d let you know that I’m not dead, and that everything is cool. I’ll update with something less flighty and more meaty soon, promise!



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