Off-duty journalists


Sometimes, we trainee journalists need to chill out and put the brakes on the constant bombardment of work work work. So, yesterday, a group of us went to see The Ladyboys of Bangkok! It was so much fun, and absolutely hilarious. We got right into it (you can’t not really), and we were sat pretty much next to the stage, so we had a great view. I don’t want to spoil it in case anyone is going to see it, but rest assured, it’s GREAT. The ladyboys are absolutely gorgeous too.

Taken by fellow trainee Caroline Wilson

(quick note – you should definitely check out Caroline’s blog if you’re into reality TV, celebrities and all those shenanigans, it’s brilliant)I love the fact everyone gets on on our course. There are only around 12 or 13 of us, so it’s quite a close-knit group.

I’m currently sat here drawing endless shorthand outlines. I’m finding it hellishly difficult at the moment. I feel like I’ve hit ‘the wall’ our lecturer often tells us about, where you either feel utterly overwhelmed and can’t take anything else in, or you just plateau in terms of speed. I’m annoyed, because I started to feel alright again for a couple of units, and now I’m tearing my hair out with frustration again. (the CN-blends, in case any other Teeline-learners are wondering)

I currently have an assignment where I have to come up with ’99 things to do before you leave UCL’, within the next week. If anyone from UCL is reading this, PLEASE help me out! I’m supposed to be asking around for ideas so it’s not just a subjective list, so if you’ve anything to contribute, I’d love to hear it.

This weekend is VERY off-duty, as today we’re celebrating my uncle’s birthday, and tomorrow I’m off to London to explore. And of course, there was Ladyboys yesterday, along with a good eight hours of drinking. That sounds really bad actually… I’m pretty happy at the moment though. I’m meeting my already-qualified journalist friend Rachel next weekend, whose WordPress can be found here. We’re going for macaroons at the patisserie Cocoa in Brighton, which I’ve never been to, but I’ve heard great things about it. I’m tempted to do a review of it actually. If I do, it will, of course, worm its way onto this blog.

OK, I must return to my shorthand before my slacking tomorrow, and I also need to write up my story from the council planning meeting we went to on Wednesday. I’ll be sure to update you again soon when I’m actually doing something productive.



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