A fully functioning member of Society


The main news for this post is that my first Sussex Society feature has been published! (go to p.77, it’s the full page article called ‘Raising the barre’, about young ballet dancer Henry Dowden). Now you may notice it’s not my byline, but this was down to a subbing error. I’ll be receiving a copy with my own name soon, which I’ll upload to my portfolio page for your viewing pleasure.

Next week, I’m going to The Argus, my local newspaper, for work experience, so I’m trying to come up with story ideas. Anyone Brighton based with anything interesting to report, let me know! After that, I’ll be doing copywriting for two weeks at Brighton-based Harrington McDermott, and then I return to London for my final year of uni! I’m going to be pretty busy, so I’m trying to get all my socialising out of my penniless system now, so that I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the coming weeks.

Oh, I also got a more manageable haircut. IT’S SO SHORT. For me, anyway. It’s still inches below my shoulders, but it feels like I have no hair now. It feels more professional, though, which is a plus.

Sorry about the very short post today, I just wanted to inform you about my published piece! I’ll return soon with more to say!



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