Comfort and joy


Note about the title: I’ve been thinking recently that if I opened a shop, I would probably call it Comfort and Joy. Terribly twee, I know, but I like it and so would you, in time.

I have very little (nothing) to report in the way of journalism today, but I felt I should check in with you before Christmas insanity hits!

Basically at the moment I am snowed under (though not literally – whatever happened to the beast from the East?) with uni work – I have about 60,000 things to do by January and nowhere near enough time or motivation to do so. Instead of ploughing through the stack of essays and sound editing etc. I have to do, I have been doing things such as:

  • Blitzing the cross-trainer 
  • Dancing around my room late at night to Rihanna, alone
  • Going to see Uncle Vanya in the rain in London with Chris
  • Obsessively looking at holidays I definitely can’t afford
  • Discussing the end of the world and moral philosophy on a groyne
  • Laughing hysterically at @Youvebinframed
  • Going for lunch in the M&S cafe with Rachel
  • Standing the Christmas tree up after it falls over EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Crying because I want the life depicted throughout Scandinavian Christmas, hygge and all

Basically, uni work aside, I’m very cheerful and full of joie de vivre and I’m finally feeling festive now. I went berserk earlier and had a festive tipple (Captain Morgan’s Spiced and diet coke, as per usual) so maybe that has lifted my otherwise gloomy demeanour.

ANYWAY, it is time for me to get back to procrastinating now so if I don’t post again before Christmas (let’s face it, I probably will, I just lurrrrve blogging), then MERRY CHRISTMAS (though I don’t really mean it yet because in the words of Arnie: I’LL BE BACK (probably)



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