Exciting developments


The exciting news here is that I am employed! I will be working in Haywards Heath in the realm of internet marketing and SEO, which will involve article writing, blogging and learning the basics of HTML and SEO techniques. I’m very pleased, very excited and very relieved to have a job! I can honestly say that the combination of the NCTJ and this blog helped me secure this position. I might do a post soon about my job-seeking experience! Would that be helpful for anyone?

I also had another restaurant visit last week, and am currently in the process of writing up the review. I’ve been a very busy girl recently!

On Saturday I met up with my journalist pal Rachel, and we had a very luxe day out in Brighton, where we bought some macaroons (divine) and have been booked in for hand and arm massages at Jo Malone in a few weeks. It’s nice to spend time with someone else doing pretty much the same job I’ll be doing!

In other news, I am moving out of my London student house at the end of the month. I’m ecstatic about this to be honest! I’m also manically trying to work my way through the final slog of uni. This morning I’ve been writing about nasality and fricatives and I’ve been doing a bit of work on my dissertation, along with setting out a rough draft of a poster about an experiment. As per usual I’m utterly snowed under, but I like a challenge! Also, I forgot to mention that I am off to Paris in April, so I will be writing some sort of city review for that… probably food related, let’s face it!

OK mon amis, je t’aime, oui je t’aime, and I’m going to get back to my Alpine peaks of work now!

Au revoir!



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