You are what you eat, which is why I’m a pancake


I’m only too aware of the fact that my blogging has slowed down significantly recently, and I do apologise for that. However, I have just started a new job, and juggling that and my final year of uni and maintaining some sort of social life keeps me very busy indeed.

Today I wrote my first blog post for the company website about ALT tags. Exactly, what on earth are ALT tags? I had no idea either, so head over to the blog now to embark on a beautiful journey with me as we explore SEO together.

I very much enjoy being paid to write. I did my first client work today which was exciting. I have discovered I particularly enjoy writing guest articles as I get the freedom to write pretty much whatever I like. It goes without saying that I love the blogging side of things too. I still can’t quite believe I’m lucky enough to do what I love… for MONEY.

I also can’t remember if I ever linked to my review of Sonny’s Kitchen, so just in case, here it is.

I’ll return soon with a big ol’ update!


PS – The title is because I have eaten approximately 3 million pancakes today. That is all.


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