All about the News


Well, this blog is on a right old comedown from the day I posted about the journalist’s voice – I suppose this is the problem with creating hit material, right? I jest, of course, but it’s quite the fall from grace – guess which day I posted that:

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Sticks out like a sore thumb doesn’t it?

I’ve been working a lot in the way of uni and paid work recently so I don’t get much time to myself. Thankfully I finish uni soon though so I should get some time back, which I hope to fill with more work. I enjoy the creativity and the flexibility of the work I do, so of course I’m happy to do it.

The next few days are especially busy. Tomorrow I need to go into town on a rare day of freedom, then on Thursday it’s a 7am train to London followed by a lecture, then a meeting with a lecturer, then lunch at the wonderful Scandinavian Kitchen, then possibly off to a Leicester Square cinema, then to Cafe des Amis in Covent Garden, then back to Chris’. And that’s just one day! On Friday I’ll be leaving Surrey at some mind-boggling hour to get to my Nordic Landscapes lecture, then a couple of hours of respite (‘KayleighTime’), then another lecture, then off to Brixton for one of my best friend’s birthdays, and then on Saturday it’s another one of my best friend’s birthdays! Then it’s an early departure from London to get back to Brighton in time for mine and Rachel’s hand and arm massages at Jo Malone. On Sunday night, I collapse and die, before starting a slightly less frantic week on Monday.

GOOD GOD. I’m going to explode but in a good way.

Oh and by the way… Chris has very, VERY generously booked us onto flights to New York at the end of May! A-may-zing, if you will. Or if you won’t. And then from New York, we’re off to New Orleans… and here’s where the title comes in: it’s ALL about the News… which as apt, given the nature of this blog and the fact I’m a journalist! Thought I’d just slip that little bombshell in there to spice up the ‘dead end’ of the post, phwoar.

Love you all forever and ever and ever (because I’m a true professional).



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