Kayleigh Tanner the business


I’d apologise for my absence but I’m not even sorry this time. I’m in the final few weeks of my degree (ergo, the final few weeks of education forever) and working more than full time hours for my various clients. Yes, clients. Because… this morning I registered as self employed so I am now Kayleigh Tanner the business! I could have come up with a hilarious trading name but it was too much pressure and I crumbled and just went for my name. I would’ve just gone for something stupid anyway like Kaytastrophe, and nobody in the world would employ a writer whose name implied that they would destroy their business.

So yeah, I’ve been disgustingly busy. Obviously I’m doing lots of writing and blogging etc. (though ironically, not on my own blog!) and some reviews, but it’s not even just that. It’s the dissertation and the Phonology essay and the Nordic Landscapes essay and all the social events that spring up in… well, spring. I’ve been to some great birthday celebrations over the past week or so which have been so much fun, and I’ve been very grateful for the chance to let off some steam.

This Friday I’m off to Paris with Sia! While I’ll probably have a screaming breakdown and go a bit inSeine (such wit) over my abandoned workload, I can’t wait to go back. It’s been a few years since I was last in Paris and it’s such a great city! Perhaps I’ll even record a little videojournalism piece – ooh la la!

Anyway, I’ll stop dilly-dallying and get back to some cold hard dissertation. Au revoir mes amis!



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