A storm’s a-brewin’


Again, apologies, but this is just a quick one – eyeballs are still playing silly buggers so can’t really look at the screen for long enough to write anything in depth without losing my thread. I promise I have lots of ideas in the pipeline though!

The main news is that I appear to have managed to pick up another client for my writing, which is always great. I need to find a way to keep track of the work I’m doing for various people now, especially if I take on any more work. Thank the lord I work quickly so I can get through it all. I really enjoy earning money (who doesn’t?) so this is a good way for me to build up funds quickly.

Also I am going to embark on some form of creative writing shortly. Creative writing has always been my main hobby, even when I was six and used to read my stories to my class. I love it. It’s so cathartic. I’ve always said that my ambition is to write a novel but I think I’ve been lying to myself. I’m not entirely sure why I thought my attention span would be suitable for something novel-length, so I am contemplating dabbling in the realm of short stories. As per usual, no set plan, just something very dialogue-heavy and centred on character development rather than plots. I know short stories aren’t as popular, but I might trick myself by writing a short story I love and then wanting to extend it, thus creating my first bestseller. Maybe.

I have some great things lined up in the coming months. These things include going to see the stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in September, followed by a pop-up cinema event somewhere in Hammersmith (Blues Brothers), followed by seeing Stewart Lee in London for someone’s birthday (someone who must forget about this once again if they read this) and then seeing Sigur Rós in Brighton (and my oh my we know how much I love them). Also in early December I’m off to Lille and Bruges for a weekend (don’t ask).

Despite my eye-bysmal vision, everything is going very well and I’m a chirpy chick, and I promise I’ll be writing more interesting posts again soon.



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  1. Cheerleading your way!

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