So, yesterday was what some people would consider ‘the big day’ of a degree – graduation!

Kayleigh Tanner BA (Hons) - I promise this is the only time I will ever describe myself in this way
Kayleigh Tanner BA (Hons) – I promise this is the only time I will ever describe myself in this way

It was a surprisingly long and tiring day considering it was mostly sitting around, clapping and throwing hats and looking joyous. Mostly I was excited to see everyone again. Graduating felt a little bit irrelevant in a way. Lectures finished back in March, and even our final presentations were in May, so all the way down here in August it felt like a lot of time had passed since we had anything to do with UCL. Nevertheless, we got our glad robes on and silly caps and prepared ourselves for a two hour long ceremony.

Linguistics was the first course up, so once we’d done our little strut across the stage and had our uncomfortably long handshake with the Provost we had to just watch everyone else. I gave up on clapping after a while. What I learnt is that Psychology is a big old degree. Compared to the 20 or so of us who graduated from Linguistics, anyway.

Then it was off to UCL for the reception. I had an awkward graduation photo taken which I can tell is going to be utterly foul. Then we roamed around in the pink wristband reception for a little bit and had some classic hat throw photos. Speaking of which, let’s kick off my snaps with a special look at officially THE WORST hat throw photo ever taken on account of its pure shoddiness, courtesy of my brother…

UCL 2013 graduation hat throw

I TOLD YOU. Now for a few more for your viewing pleasure, whipped into a peppy little gallery. Wahahahey! I’ve stolen some of these from some of my coursemates so tusen takk to Louise, Serina, Sophie and Hayley for any that I’ve swiped to show here.

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