The disappearing act


I know, I know, another excuse-laden post about the fact I’ve gone AWOL. I’ve been very busy with all sorts of things recently, so blogging has very much fallen by the wayside!

I’ve had some interesting extra little projects going on recently to keep the writing ticking over, and admittedly a lot of non-writing related things taking up my time. I am in London a fair bit at the moment and when I’m in Brighton I’m often overwhelmed with THINGS going on.

Tonight, an NCTJ fusion took place between myself (Journalist Works April 2012), Rachel (City College 2010-2011) and Victor (Journalist Works September 2013) where we discussed such topics as defamation, the horrors of the Reporting exam and chapter 4 of Marie Cartwright’s Teeline shorthand book. I miss it terribly. I never thought I’d miss education, but I could’ve learnt about Media Law etc. all day.

Unfortunately it’s only a quick one tonight as I am currently acting as webmaster for a site temporarily and I’m putting together a new post for that. I know, me as a webmaster! Whatever is the world coming to!



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