The big event


This week has been unbelievably busy. The company I work for was exhibiting at a big event in London, and as part of the marketing team I was there both days. It was tiring, my legs were aching like hell and everyone started to lose their voices but it was also SUPER FUN. I had the brilliant job of demoing Google Glass, and it certainly attracted a lot of attention. Being the content marketer (that’s CONtent, not conTENT, though I’m conTENT in my job too), I also got to attend all of our seminars which was very interesting, and I was livetweeting from the event and taking photos on both days. I wrote more about it on the Epic blog, but I thought I’d give you a quick update about my life recently.

Now I have a bit more time to spare, I am going to resume writing my short stories and flash fiction to submit to various anthologies and publishers. I have always always always wanted to be an author, but obviously to do that you need to write and write and write and fortunately that is my absolute favourite thing to do. I think I might buy a new notebook to store all these new thoughts in so I can piece some stories together. I am going to start off by writing around a central theme. Writing like this seems to have a Newton’s cradle-esque effect where all the characters meet and the stories intertwine and it’s so organic. If you know of any good collections of short stories (especially those by a single author) I would love to hear about them!

Next weekend I’m off to see The Book of Mormon with TK and then apparently he wants to buy a toaster. Helsinki is fast approaching, and I will be there in two weeks! Then it will be New York at the end of March, so I have a busy couple of months. Absolutely no rest for the wicked.

I really need to get back to writing features and things and doing interviews but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! I will make time to write on trains and planes. There’s not much else you can do when you’re on the move.



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