Artichokes (in a jar)

Good evening and welcome to my screaming breakdown.

OK it’s not exactly a breakdown, but I am VERY VERY VERY tired. I’m running on empty and I don’t know what it’s like to feel energised or well rested, but I’M ALIVE. We created a website from scratch in eight weeks and I’M ALIVE. We launched a new company on Monday and I’M ALIVE. I’m also freelancing on top of this and somehow, I’M ALIVE. Rejoice!

I have written a shopping list. That list reads simply:

Artichokes (in a jar)
Black olives (ditto)

… now if that isn’t the sign of a minor breakdown I don’t know what is. Who uses ‘ditto’ on a shopping list?!

So over the last few weeks, and at risk of sounding terribly middle-aged, I have been working and playing very very hard. I’ve probably had more alcohol in the last three weeks than the rest of my life in total, but it has been a VERY STRESSFUL TIME. I don’t really feel like myself because I’m just so drained, but it’s all kind of over (ish) for now. 

I know I went AWOL once again from this poor neglected blog, so I should tell you what I’ve been up to recently. For two months, we have been toiling away creating the website for our new company (in secret). I have written all the content for that website (very nearly) single-handedly. I have also written all of the communications for the company launch single-handedly, including press releases, news articles and blogs. I have also written the go-to-market strategy, the tone of voice and all the other various bits of marketing documentation that surround the creation of a new brand. I’ve set up and kicked off all our social media channels, and now I’m creating a social media strategy to set out exactly what I’m up to. You can find me tweeting, as well as all the other places, @leolearning. Of course there were other people doing their thang too, but that’s just what I’ve been doing. The finished product is pretty bloody amazing.

On Monday we finally launched this new company to the world. Hence, I no longer work for Epic, but now LEO. In fact, not just LEO – I technically now work for Learning Technologies Group plc, which encompasses LEO, gomo, Preloaded and Epicentre, and other companies in the future as the group grows. It’s a lot of work and a challenge but it’s the good kind of challenge. I digress. As a social media fanatic, I created a Storify to show what we got up to at the brand launch. An awful lot of work has gone into this launch, and I didn’t want it to go without due commemoration.

But yes, this is why I’m exhausted all the time. It’s why I hope you don’t mind cutting me a bit of slack for not being all over this blog. I also hope you can understand why the sanity I was clinging onto has been slowly ebbing away, and now I am nothing more than a husk. I have been acting a bit out of character and I’m sure with sleep, my real monstrous personality will return soon.

I’ve been busy! How about you?



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