Candles for a happy hygge home

No matter how cosy a room is, it can almost definitely be made a million times more snug with candles. That’s the law. Church candles, tealights, votives, sticks… they’re all grand. For me, hygge is all about stimulating and comforting (yes it’s possible) many senses at once – you might as well kill two, three, four or even five birds with one stone, right? So here, unscented candles just aren’t going to cut the mustard. The candles I talk about here are all beautifully scented and ideal for making your space cosy and homely. It helps if they look pretty too.

Astier de Villatte Jerusalem Scented Candle

Astier de Villatte Jerusalem Candle

Yes, you’re right – a £60 candle is extravagant. BUT if you’re feeling flush and want a treat, the Astier de Villatte Jerusalem Scented Candle is the only one that will fulfil all your hygge fantasies. I’ve lusted over this for years, and with good reason. With the Promised Land flying high on my travel wishlist, this oudy, spicy, woody scent is masculine, mysterious and powerful. It will fill a room, and will probably cling to every shred of fabric and speck of dust in a vicinity. But that’s fine, when it’s something this heady and smoky and intoxicating. This is definitely an autumnal scent, so stash it away for nesting season.

Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Home Candle

Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Candle

Amber is one of the must-have notes for the ultimate hygge experience. It’s inviting, accessible and addictive, and when combined with warm, spicy ginger, it’s a double-whammy festival of luxe fragrance. I also love the chic black glass of the Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Home Candle – this will slip easily into any room, and can sit unnoticed in the half-light while it gets to work.The lighter water lily note stops things from getting too dark and stormy, making it super versatile. I always find amber quite a romantic note – good for secret snug corners or leisurely long evening baths.

The White Company Seychelles Tealights

The White Company Seychelles Tealights

Sey what? Seychelles! The last thing you probably want in summer is to be anything remotely resembling cosy. Hot, sticky days and nights spent furiously slapping on aftersun don’t exactly get me craving yet more warmth. But I firmly believe hygge should be embraced in every season, and The White Company Seychelles Tea Lights are the very candles to bring a little bit of comfort into the searing heat of July. Orange, bergamot and hygge staple amber combine for a zingy, exotic scent, reminiscent of beaches, hanging around in hammocks and crashing waves. I’ve chosen tealights because they look especially pretty studded around a room on a dusky lilac night.

Yankee Candle Honey Glow Votive

Yankee Candle Honey Glow Votive

I’m a big fan of gourmand (food-inspired) fragrances, and I’m an equally big fan of Yankee Candles. The Yankee Candle Honey Glow Votive is deliciously warming, not least for its pretty tan colour which accentuates its autumn leafy glow. I’ve always found the scents of Yankee Candles to carry well, and with votives starting at £1.80 it’s a really cheap way to give yourself a hygge treat. This is, as you might expect, a very sweet scent, and would work well in a kitchen or dining room (if you don’t mind foodie fragrances while you’re eating).

Penhaligon’s Maduro Leaf Candle

Penhaligon's Maduro Leaf Candle

I love unusual fragrances, and the Penhaligon’s Maduro Leaf candle, inspired by smoky gentlemen’s clubs, is no exception. With its woodsy, patchouli and musk notes, this candle evokes images of shaking off a heavy snow-drenched coat and sinking into a soft leather chair in front of a roaring fire. Throw in a glass of whisky for that strangely pleasant burn in the pit of the stomach, and that’s what this smells like. You’ll get a whopping 110 hours of burn time out of one of these, so you can minimise time spent out of your winter nest and enjoy the warmth of your blanket fortress.

Have I missed your favourite? What’s the first candle you reach for when you need comforting? Let me know!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    Or an unscented candle and incense!

    Muji have a few nice scented candles too

  2. natalie450 says:

    Dipytique – Tuberose xoxo

    1. Ooh I love Diptyque! Just had a little poke around your blog and couldn’t resist reading about your Airbnb experience in Brighton (where I’m from) – the flat you stayed in is GORGEOUS! Hope you enjoyed your visit to this pretty little city 🙂

  3. Karey says:

    Totally agree on Seychelles for summer candles – my favourite for winter is Yankee Candle – Red Apple Wreath 🙂

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? And I’m such a HUGE Yankee Candle fan – the votives are so affordable and a great way to try out new fragrances without committing to a massive jar! I’ve just posted a new piece about the Skandinavisk candle range which you may also like 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  4. Ana says:

    I also love the “Skandinavisk” and “EQ love” scented candles… their fragrances make me travel all around the world from my couch, with a hot tea and a good book ! 🙂

    1. Skandinavisk make the best candles! Which is your favourite scent of theirs? 🙂

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