How to create a hyggeligt home for winter

I don’t know about you, but where I am today it’s pretty bleak. It’s grey and drizzly and sort of ‘stickily chilly’, where it’s too cold to not wear a coat but not cold enough for it to be entirely comfortable. I’m spending my day sheltering from the gloom outside on the sofa, in a woolly jumper and lusting over Nigella Lawson’s new book, Simply Nigella – a Sunday well spent if you ask me.

As we hurtle towards winter, it’s probably time to start thinking about getting our homes ready for the season of sleet, ice and train disruption. And I’m not talking about the boring things like cavity wall insulation or double glazing – I’m talking about all the things you need to create a nest to see you through the most wonderful time of the year (for hygge fanatics, at least). I’ve turned to Pinterest to bring you some of my favourite inspiration for creating a hyggeligt home for winter.

I have a massive thing for the greige trend that has taken the interiors world by storm this year – it’s understated, sophisticated yet still cosy. The beiges and browns warm up the greys, which bring a calming element to any room, and this balance is what makes it work so well for creating a hyggeligt space. Switching harsh overhead lighting for candles brings that quintessentially hyggeligt glow to a space, and the combination of textures and patterns makes for a glorious multisensory experience.

The lights! String lights have grown up a lot in the last year, with festoon lights
being just about the chicest way to change the ambience of a room – I’ve fallen madly in love with The White Company’s Bistro Bulbs. I also love these teeny tiny copper wire fairy lights, which can be wrapped around specific features in a room to draw attention to them. I also love the little pops of aubergine and ochre in this image – choosing warm instances of colours is key to making a space feel more homely and welcoming.

It’s my dream to one day have my own American-style porch space to decorate, and this is exactly what I’d want to do with it. Hygge is all about making the most of the little things you enjoy, and I love spending time outside in gorgeous places. There’s little quite as magical as a snowy landscape, and it’s perfectly reminiscent of a Scandinavian winter. The throws and blankets will keep you warm, and I like to think those mugs contain a generous helping of gløgg. I’m really hoping we get snow in Brighton this year – we’ve missed out on anything more than a smattering for the last couple of years, and my sturdy boots won’t wear themselves!

I can’t even handle how snug these bathrooms look. I know showers are quick and easy, but winter showers involve so much standing around and shivering. That’s why as the temperature drops, I prefer to lounge around in a bath, usually with about 17 different Lush bath products. The fireplace! The faux sheepskin rug! The timber! The plants! The big fluffy towels! If I had a house with one of these bathrooms, I don’t think I’d ever get out of the bath. I want them. I need them. Who knew a rug could have such a huge impact on a room? No more warm feet on cold tiles – can’t say I’d miss it.

I know, I know – it’s that greige creeping back in again! But how intimate is this dining setting? The hygge exudes from this image, and I can imagine throwing so many cosy dinner parties here. The collection of mismatched chairs, the beaten up table, the low-hanging light and those giant wild plants bring me so much joy. It just goes to show, you really don’t need to buy in loads of new things to create a hyggeligt atmosphere – you probably have most of the components in your home already.

If you’re hosting friends and family this winter, I’m sure they’d appreciate nothing more than this hot drinks station. Again, no need to splash out on expensive kit – just taking the time and effort to put this together is all you need. It’s especially nice for breakfast – if you have company, bring together all your tea, coffee and hot chocolates with your syrups, sugar, milk, cream, honey and anything else your guests might want, and set them out together for an adorable way to make visitors feel welcome. Hygge is all about comfort and joy, and this is one way to channel it without spending any money at all.

Everything about this space makes me happy. Open plan is a great way to achieve a hygge environment with virtually no effort – it keeps the conversation flowing through the home, and helps promote a sense of togetherness. I want to be sat on that throw-adorned bar stool running my finger through the candle flames, getting ready to go outside and look for robins and squirrels in the snow.

It’s easy to forget the poor old hallway – it’s a bit of a nothing space in most homes isn’t it? But this is the first thing people will see (yourself included!) when they come into your home, and first impressions count. You want people to feel warm and welcome and wanting to stay a while. This can be as easy as making sure everything has a place to go – it’s always awkward when you arrive at someone’s house and stand half-in, half-out of the front door, wondering what to do with your shoes and coat. I love this hallway, because it tells a story about the people who live here. Also, how cute is that little basket of fairy lights?!

So, these are my picks. What have you found on your Pinterest adventures to inspire your hyggeligt home? I’d love to see your picks! I’ve set up a new Hello Hygge Pinterest board full of all the lovely, cosy, glowy places and spaces I’m finding – feel free to follow for regular doses of hygge inspiration.

PS – Don’t forget – there’s still time to enter my competition to win TWO Jolly Christmas t-shirts!


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  1. Meghan Sara says:

    I never thought I’d say this but I’m lovin’ the greige! I’m a massive colour fanatic but my holiday board is like all white ( ! Totally following you on Pinterest now because I need more of your good taste in my life! Found you through #lbloggers hashtag on twitter! Happy Hygge!

    1. Just took a look at your holiday board and it’s GORGEOUS, so had to give it a follow! Glad you’re loving the hygge as much as me!

  2. Emma Stiles says:

    Hi, I discovered Hygge recently and look forward to your blog posts to inform my hyggeness. However this last blog seems to be missed a lot of links, either to pics or sites. Could you review and resend please? Thank you thank you Emma x

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Can you see the embedded Pinterest pins in this post? I’m just wondering if they’re not showing up for everyone, as it took a bit of playing to get them to work for me, and they’re the only source of images in this post. I might have to go back to regular images going forward if not!

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