The best hygge Instagram accounts

I’m something of an Instagram lurker. I don’t post a lot, but you can rest assured that I see everything. I find it very therapeutic looking at pictures of nice things, and I find it especially lovely looking at pictures of hyggeligt things. Luckily for us, there are some gorgeous accounts posting lots of wonderfully cosy photos, and I’d like to share a few of my favourites with you here to help you hygge up your own feed…

I love @mays_photographer for lots of reasons. I love those gorgeous intricate close up shots of dewy foliage, interspersed with ivy-laden brickwork and those bleakly atmospheric streets. Those muted greys and browns and greens do so much for me, and this feed just exudes hygge hygge hygge.

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Longing for weekend breakfast 😴

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@johannabradford always posts the most mouthwatering food spreads. Whether it’s bread or berries or seafood, I’ll want to eat it (I’m on the seafood diet… I see food and I eat it). When she’s not tempting me with food, she’s posting clean, simple flatlays, flowers and perfectly chic interiors. And plants. Always lots of plants. I dig that.

@simplethingsmag is the one to follow if you like your hygge aspirational. It’s the feed I look at when I think ‘my life isn’t together enough to throw an effortlessly fun dinner party but I’m glad some people can manage it’. In fact, heads up – The Simple Things is pretty much hygge in a magazine – definitely one for some lazy weekend reading in your cosiest corner.

@yawnlondon is a luxury nightwear retailer, and posts a lot of super cosy photos of pyjamas, bedrooms and piles of luxe cushions. If anyone asked me for a visual representation of my dream life, it would pretty much be this feed. Lots of cosy whites (yes, white can definitely be cosy), soft greys and powder pinks make this a very comforting feed to scroll through when all you want to do is nest.

@janemcwallace has a real knack for posting photos of the exact things I want to look at. Pretty Norwegian doors? Yep! Delicious cake? Sign me up! Bursts of blooming flowers? Sure, why not? There seems to be a recurring theme of green and blue and purple through this feed – the cooler side of hygge if you will. Well worth a follow for a smorgasbord of cosy joy.

@jancrable posts the most gorgeous photos of her local area, as well as some utterly idyllic cabin shots. Cabins… mmmm. These photos have some serious glow, and they feel almost intimate – I can always picture myself in the same places getting all snug with a hot drink while the rain clatters onto the porch of the cabin. I want that all the time.

@signesjohansen is amazing at capturing hygge moments both inside and outside. I mean… hot chocolate, the candle, the sheepskin… so many boxes ticked in just one photo. I saw this snap this morning and I’ve been thinking about hot chocolate all day… it’s June! Signe has a book out later this year called How To Hygge – I’m sure this won’t be the last you hear about it on this blog…

@thedowntimeagenda‘s feed is super serene. You can tell the only movement going on in any of these photos is breathing. The greys and beiges and browns keep everything very calm and soothing, and there’s even the odd quote to keep us grounded. Definitely the feed you need when you’re looking for respite from the manic 21st century.

I genuinely gasped when I first came across the @superhelder feed. I don’t think I breathed for a good five minutes while I scrolled through the most luscious collection of milky, icy pinks and delicate not-quite-whites and fleshy peaches. This feed is all about texture, and for me it’s a multi-sensory experience. I can hear the bubbles fizzing and popping on my skin. I can taste the sweetness of those bruise-tinged blood oranges. I can smell the freshly washed hair, and feel that bathwater swirling against my fingers. This feed is astonishing. It does everything I want photos to do. This is a whole new level of hygge.

So there we have it – a selection of some of the best hygge accounts I’ve come across. Do you know of any others? Let me know in the comments – I’m always keen to cast my eye over new pretty things! And if you want to follow me, please be my guest!


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  1. Kathryn Sterbenc says:

    I enjoyed this post SO MUCH! Next I hope you consider doing the same thing for Twitter sometime. I accidentally found a wonderfully hyggeligt Twitter account at (@Scanditwitchen). Almost every day they tweet a lovely photo of pastry or a grassy field. It’s like a little 140-character breath of fresh air. The other day they posted, “I want buns of steel — but I also want buns of cinnamon.”

    1. I LOVE @Scanditwitchen! It’s the Twitter account of an amazing Scandi café in London, and they have a little shop at the back too so you can stock up on all your delicious Nordic must-haves. Weirdly enough, I SO NEARLY retweeted that cinnamon buns tweet myself!

  2. Kathryn Sterbenc says:

    P.S. I subscribe to The Simple Things and have it mailed to California. It is my all-time favorite — my soulmate of a magazine.

  3. Barbara Waites says:

    Try looking at Swallows and Damsons for gorgeous photos of flowers taken in lovely atmospheric dark tones.

    1. I just took a look and these are stunning! They remind me of Romantic-era paintings – very moody and classy. I’ve given them a follow, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Kathryn Sterbenc says:

    I know one you might like — Jerry Downs, He’s a photographer from San Rafael, Calif., where I work. I accidentally (?) met him on a walk one day. He takes a lot of nature photos, but somehow he makes things that have been photographed a billion times, like ocean waves, leaves, sand, puddles, dirt, take on new depth and meaning. Every photo is his little celebration of life. Next time I see him, I’ll make sure he knows about hygge, since he’s living it!

  5. Sam says:

    I adore the @happilyhygge instagram feed, its inspired me to hygge!

    1. Oh yes, I follow that one, that’s good too! 🙂

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