Competition: win season 1 of Nordic Noir series Dicte

Do I have a treat for you today, Denmark fans!

I know it’s summer (supposedly), but in true British (or Scandi) style, all it’s done is rain the last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong – I love a bit of English summer rain, but it certainly hasn’t got me in the mood for picnics or ice creams on the beach just yet. If, like me, you’ve exhausted everything on Netflix, and you’re on the lookout for something new for your cosy evening in, let’s get a little bit Danish. I’m very excited to have the chance to tell you a bit about Dicte – Crime Reporter, a Nordic Noir crime drama which has just been released on DVD. And even better, I have two copies of the season 1 DVD to give away!

Dicte - Crime Reporter season 1

Dicte – Crime Reporter is all about a crime reporter who moves back to her hometown of Aarhus following a divorce. The star of the show is Dicte herself, played by Copenhagen’s Iben Hjejle, with Borgen’s Lars Brygmann playing John Wagner. It’s dark, sharp and brooding, and is a perfect replacement for anyone who loved popular Nordic Noir series such as The Killing, Wallander, The Bridge and Trapped.

Back in Aarhus, Dicte Svendsen is trying to escape her past and build a new future with her daughter Rose. However, in true Nordic Noir style, things don’t stay quiet for long, and she quickly finds herself caught up in a new case set to open old wounds when she finds the body of a murder victim. Dicte isn’t afraid to put her life – or others’ – in danger to uncover the truth, whether it’s political assassinations or people trafficking.

Dicte - Crime Reporter season 1

The stories of season one are told across five gripping tales – Personal, Deductible, Hidden Defects, Life and Body and Violence and Power – over ten episodes drawn from the crime novels of bestselling Danish author Elsebeth Egholm.

If you’re already totally over summer (perhaps an overstatement looking at the grey drizzle outside right now), this is the perfect show to get you ready for moody autumn evenings, and all set in Denmark’s stunning second city. I’ve given it a little watch myself, and it’s ideal if you want a gritty, addictive plot in a gorgeous Scandinavian setting.

So get ready for the ultimate hygge evening in. Put the kettle on, draw the curtains on the fading sunlight and swaddle yourself in a blanket on the sofa – you’re going to need it for this show…

You’ve got to be in it to win it, so click the button below to be in with a chance of winning one of two copies. Good luck!

Dicte - Crime Reporter season 1 DVD
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54 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth Copeland says:

    I am new to this genre and would love to learn more

  2. Rob Wilkins says:

    Looks interesting!

  3. harrietgracewilliams says:

    I’ve been loving this series so far, but I still favour The Killing and The Bridge!

  4. The Killing is awesome

  5. Maxine G says:

    The Bridge is my absolute favourite,though I am completely addicted to all things Scandi! Really enjoyed watching Dicte, though I was often distracted by her one long earring!

    1. Pat says:

      LOL me too!

  6. Ray Dodds says:

    The Killing

  7. laura banks says:

    i watched the killing and enjoyed that

  8. laura stewart says:

    ive never seen it before but looks good x

  9. lettuceloves says:

    Dicte is one of the finest Nordic Noir series ever produced! It appeals to all and the storylines have been fantastic! Superb acting all the way through, can’t fault it!

  10. Judith Allen says:

    I like Arne Dahl’s books, tv too, but I love to read crime fiction.

  11. Steve Weaver says:

    I very much enjoyed last years Icelandic drama Fortitude, now that is a show that really went in a direction I wasn’t expecting, but it certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.

    Really looking forward to the second series, as I’m expecting something truly original.

  12. Ruth Harwood says:

    I haven’t really read or watched many nordic noir but would love to get involved xx

  13. Robin Blackburn says:

    There is a previous series of Dicte, as well. Quite a few years older but also good. I find them interesting but not in the same category as The Bridge or Trapped.

  14. janine atkin says:

    i love the killing

  15. Tony Metcalf says:

    Has to be The Bridge.

  16. Alison Johnson says:

    Read loads of Nordic noir but only seen Wallander (not as good as the books) & the film Headhunters.

  17. Rachel Butterworth says:

    I’ve been loving the BBC Four Icelandic drama Trapped.

  18. Stevie says:

    I’ve always enjoyed both Wallanders.

  19. foxesinlove says:

    Definitely adding this show to my “to see” list, along with The Killing and The Bridge. I love Borgen and the Arne Dahl shows.

  20. Laura says:

    I love The Bridge. I also loved Unit One as the characters were great.

  21. Nick Hopkins says:

    I love The Killing

  22. Carly Belsey says:

    I love River 🙂

  23. JULIE WARD says:

    I’ve never watched it, first time for everything though

  24. richell lever says:

    I’m new to the genre and looking for something better than big brother to watch

  25. carole nott says:

    i am new to this but would love the opportunity to learn more

  26. Nothing has ever come close to Forbrydelsen for me.

  27. Laura Harrison says:

    I am new to this but would love to learn. Thank you for the lovely giveaway xxx

  28. jo liddement says:

    I love The Bridge and the last series was the best ever.Hope it continues

  29. Allan Wilson says:

    New to the genre.

  30. nicky pearce says:

    i watched the killing and enjoyed that

  31. Ruth Carson-Byrne says:

    I love most Nordic Noir but The Bridge is particularly good.

  32. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    The Killing was riveting

  33. Ellen Stafford says:

    I am new to the genre.

  34. Jo McPherson says:

    I am new, but I am intrigued

  35. Jenny Prest says:

    The Killing was amazing definitely made me what to watch more of the genre!

  36. BECCA STAPLES says:

    I’m new to this genre, but want to see more x

  37. carol boffey says:

    I love the killing

  38. David Crabb says:

    Gotta love the killinh

  39. Lesley Styles says:


  40. Adrian Bold says:

    The Killing was fantastic for the first 2 seasons.

  41. Amanda Letch says:

    I love LillyHammer !

  42. Simone Kilshaw says:

    im so new to this but extremely intrigued.

  43. LEE HARDY says:

    I am new to the genre.

  44. Karl Borowy says:


  45. jackie beckett says:

    this is new to me but looking forward to seeing it

  46. Angela Cringle says:

    Loved the Bridge kept me on edge

  47. Janet Johnston says:

    New one for me. Looking forward to it.

  48. Victoria Prince says:

    I’m new to the genre but I’d love to get involved 🙂 sounds really good

  49. Carolynn Woodland says:

    The Killing

  50. Natalie Crossan says:

    I love the killing x

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