Hygge Christmas: Clothing gift guide

Somehow throughout December, Christmas has been busy sneaking up on us… how did that happen and why did nobody warn me? I don’t know about where you are, but Brighton is suspiciously mild considering we’re now in mid-December (In The Bleak Midwinter? Not just yet). However, I’m ignoring all that and pretending for the sake of this post that it’s -4, snowing a blizzard (I rarely get to use that word and it’s a crying shame because it’s brilliant… blizzard) and dark for 22 hours a day. After all, a hygge Christmas gift guide containing t-shirts and trainers is hardly going to get the cosy juices flowing is it? So, let’s get prepared for a bitter January with my pick of the cosiest clobber…

Hygge jumper

Hygge jumper from Etsy

For the ultimate hygge fan in your life, this hygge jumper is a wardrobe essential! It’s the perfect way to wear your guiding principle on your chest, and I can guarantee it’ll spark up some conversations if you wear it out in public. Or, if you don’t have £42 to spend (I appreciate it’s not cheap), why not have a go at designing your own? You can design a personalised sweatshirt in literally five minutes! I mocked up the one below using this blank sweatshirt and glittery gold printed lettering, but you can do pretty much whatever you want on any of the big personalised clothing websites. But be quick, because it can take a little bit longer for personalised items to arrive!

Hygge personalised sweatshirt

Warm, festive jumper

Brown reindeer jumper from Urban Outfitters

Let’s have a little look at something for the inevitable impossible-to-buy-for man in everyone’s life! This brown reindeer jumper from Urban Outfitters is bound to make even the Grinchiest man crack a smile. Or, for someone with a little more Christmas spirit, how about this festive red and white number? A chunky knit is ideal for your winter walks, carol concerts in chilly churches and meandering around Christmas markets with a mulled wine, and will keep you cosy long after the last Quality Street has been snaffled. I like these because they’re warm and practical – very Danish – but a lot of vintage shops stock Christmas jumpers at this time of year. One year, my mum threatened to cancel Christmas when my brother and I said we were going to wear our hideous (seriously, I can’t express quite how awful they were) retro jumpers on Christmas Day. Think all-American family Christmas card from the 80s x a million. But if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for, To Be Worn Again in Brighton is the place to go.


I’ve never really worn slippers, because I don’t really like the way they fall off your feet when you walk around (just me), but I was very intrigued when Cloudberry Living offered me a pair of Moccis to try. Moccis are a sort of slipper/sock hybrid, with the tightness and flexibility of a sock and a slightly sturdier sole. The ethically made Swedish design means you know you’re getting a quality product, and there’s a range of styles for adults and children. My pale pink obsession meant I had to go for the Cool in Pink Moccis, but the Warm Heart design is thoroughly Scandi and perfect for keeping you snug on cold winter nights. The other thing to say is that these are much warmer than they look, so you can go without socks and still stay toasty.

Cool in Pink Moccis

Christmas Breton

Every family has their own dress code on Christmas Day. Whether you’re a pyjamas-all-day kinda family or you prefer to go all out with the sequins (it may surprise you to know that I’m a dresser-upper – I don’t get out much), Boden’s Christmas Bretons will slip nicely into virtually any dress code! I love the red, white and gold foil fairisle print, and there’s definitely a Scandi vibe about the bauble Breton. Or, if you’re a pom pom fan, you can’t really go wrong with the incredible Christmas tree design can you? I love Boden Bretons as they’re not too thick, so they’re ideal for layering (very hyggeligt) or for wearing alone in that 4pm slump when the heating is on just a little too high while you’re busy trying to digest a week’s worth of food at once.

Cashmere bedsocks

Cashmere bedsocks from The White Company

Wait, don’t go! I know £35 for bedsocks is utterly outrageous and totally at odds with the whole hygge vibe, but listen! I personally would never pay this much for socks, BUT The White Company always, always has voucher codes floating around online, and if someone’s asking what you’d like and you have no bloody idea, why not request some really bloody extravagant socks? If you’re going to treat yourself (or someone else) at any time of year, it’s probably going to be Christmas, and you’ll certainly get a lot of wear out of these. Hygge is absolutely not about spending a fortune on ‘things’ to make your life cosier, but it is about enjoying the time you spend with the people you love, doing the things you love. If some cosy cashmere bedsocks will help you hygge, then why not buy yourself a little present too? Or, if you’re still reeling from that price (I don’t blame you), how about these totally cosy wool-blend socks, or these teeny-weeny baby socks for the snuggest bug in the rug this winter?


Wellington boots

If you’re planning on experiencing some outdoor hygge in 2017 (and you really should!), you’ll need some sensible footwear. We don’t tend to get so much of the pretty snow the Scandinavians are used to in the UK, but we are lucky enough to have months of mud, slush and rain, so some wellies would be a welcome gift for someone looking to ramp up their outdoor pursuits next year. There are loads of options on this site, or if you just want something cheap and cheerful I found these on Amazon. Joules also have a great range if you’re looking for something a little brighter (also, it makes me so happy that they have a category called ‘Wellibobs’ – essentially just chelsea boot-height wellies, but WHAT  A NAME!). And if everyone in the family gets a pair, there can’t be any excuses next time someone suggests a bracing countryside walk… just promise a pitstop in a hyggeligt country pub with a roaring fire and nobody will be able to say no!

If you’re still not sorted with your Christmas shopping (or haven’t even started – naughty!) then hopefully this post has given you a couple of ideas for last-minute gifts. But get your (ice) skates on – the last delivery dates are fast approaching! What will you be wearing to stay cosy this Christmas?

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  1. Hi I already follow your fab blog, so thought I would share that I am super excited as I am officially in the running for the UK BLOG AWARDS 2017! If you could click the link and choose FoodandDrink&Lifestyle on the drop down menu:
    Thank you kindly in advance your vote is much appreciated
    Melanie xx

  2. John says:

    Inspiring, but I think all this hype about “concepts” of moments seems about selling people more things, a lifestyle in a new cool packaging. It seems something that follows a pattern, just applied to revamp consumerism in new ways to millennials.
    A “concept” packaging to which stay up to day (meaning buying things of nordic design to “feel” the concept alive) It’s not necessary to live those very same moments very well and happy.
    I just stay with minimalism, I believe it really focus on what really matters.

    1. Hi John,

      I completely agree that you don’t need anything special at all to hygge. It’s timeless, and I strongly believe that anyone can do it anywhere in the world.

      However, a lot of people find it easier to hygge with a few simple lifestyle tweaks, whether it’s homeware, clothing, food or something else. I 100% don’t think anyone should be rushing out and kitting out their homes and bodies with expensive products, but if someone isn’t quite feeling it yet (or just wants to treat themselves to something pretty), there are some nice options around.

      I’m a big fan of a massive bag of IKEA tealights for a few pounds personally…

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