Hygge for your valentine

I am extremely single right now, so for the second year in a row, I am beyond thrilled to be my own valentine. I can’t wait to take myself on a hot date (or a cold date – I’m actually going to be in Tromsø this Valentine’s Day) and whisper sweet nothings to myself as I fall asleep, and I especially can’t wait for my annual tweet warning the postman to brace himself for my inevitable flood of Valentine’s cards from my many, many fans. But hygge is for everyone, all the time, so whether you’re coupled up, a lone wolf or somewhere in between, I’ve put together a few ideas to make Valentine’s Day either a) even better than it usually is or b) just about tolerable.

Flower power

I buy myself flowers all the time because I like them and they make me happy. Nobody else was going to bloody buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day, so I sorted myself out with these beautiful red roses from Prestige Flowers. The colour is STUNNING and they’re glittery, so they’re very on brand for this little glitterbug. These also came with a little box of luxury truffles – and the benefit of being single is that I won’t have to share. If you’re buying Valentine flowers for yourself (or someone else) and want to go a little off-piste, Prestige Flowers has a massive range of bouquets, from springtime tulips to sweet-scented ‘roselilies’ and an AMAZING £2,500 arrangement of 365 Grand Prix roses – happy to accept these from any secret admirers out there. My roses arrived fully open, and have been going strong for over a week now, so these are seriously good quality and well worth the cost over a cheap petrol station bunch.

If you’re on a tighter budget, a lot of garden flowers seem to be blooming early this year, so you could have a little rummage in your own garden and put together your own bouquet. This is a handy post if you want to try your hand at flower arranging. I’ve spotted daffodils

Revisit your happy memories


It’s a shame we (or I) don’t really print photos anymore isn’t it? My mum has dozens of albums (and flimsy little Truprint wallets) filled with photos from the 90s, and I wish I had my own collection. One day I’ll invest in a pink Instax camera, but until then, I’ll be using creating my own photo book using Printrbook. Printbook lets you print Instagram photos and turn them into a little photo book so you have something to keep forever. I made my own with some of my most hyggeligt photos (hygge is my Valentine, OK?), and the quality is great. It’s smaller than I expected, but it just makes it even more adorable – you can carry it with you when you need a little boost from your favourite photos.

It’s worth noting that you can only include photos from an Instagram (or Facebook) account you have access to yourself, so this is ideal if you’re the happy snapper in the relationship. It takes a few days for the book to be printed and arrive, so get your skates on if you’re planning on creating one for Valentine’s Day! You can choose to include dates and your Instagram captions, which is perfect if you want to see the story of your relationship unfold before your eyes. Romantic, creative and thoughtful – can you really do any better?


The lovely people at Printrbook have given my readers 10% off if you want to make one of your own – just enter the code out17hygge10 at the checkout at http://printrbook.com  (expires 31st March).

Love letters

I would always rather receive something cheap and meaningful than something massively expensive and impersonal, so a handwritten note or card would make me so happy. I have a beautiful pale pink letter set from Swedish stationery brand kikki.k which would be the perfect canvas for your sweet nothings, especially because it comes with some pretty gold stickers to act as a seal on the envelope to make the opening even more of an event. In the absence of a real Valentine, I might write a letter to my future self. I’m sure it’ll make me cringe from the point I reopen it until the end of time, but it seems a shame to leave such gorgeous stationery sitting in a drawer.

The gift of time


I don’t think I’ve ever given a proper present for Valentine’s Day – an ironic card is about as romantic as I get. Togetherness is an important part of hygge, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny. Why not do away with flashy presents or expensive restaurant bookings this year and hygge together instead? Cook your favourite meal, crack open a bottle of wine (or beer, or squash – whatever floats your boat), light a candle or two and enjoy each other’s company. I’d argue that that’s much more romantic than paying a small fortune for a set menu in a crowded restaurant.

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day? Will you be embracing hygge as well as your sweetheart? Let me know!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. reginaclarejane says:

    lovely post once again. 🙂 i’ve shared quite a few valentine’s days with my hubby now and for this one, we are going out to our favorite indian restaurant for lunch buffet and then exploring where we live. we relocated a few months ago and wandering down roads and getting lost is one of our favorite things to do! happy valentine’s day!

    1. Thank you! That sounds lovely – it’s nice to get lost every now and then, especially in the right company 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

  2. Rodolpho says:

    I’ll take you on a date Kayleigh. We’ll split a beef Wellington and maybe even hold hands!

    1. Hahaha, holding hands! Someone moves fast 😉

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