Summer hygge for the home with Hygge Rituals

Phwoarrrr… I don’t know about you guys, but in my neck of the woods, it has been SCORCHING HOT this week. I’m not very good in the heat, and all I’m capable of is sprawling out in front of the fan with an ice lolly or 15.

When many people think of hygge, they think of woolly socks, furry blankets, heavy curtains… ugh! I can’t even write about this without a wave of heat prickling across my entire body. But before you go jump in an icy shower, listen up – it’s totally possible to hygge in your home in the summer. If, like me, you’re a delicate flower and you just don’t want to risk the sunburn, there’s plenty you can do to make your home hygge-ready for while we’re riding out the heatwave.

I’ve just discovered US-based brandΒ Hygge Rituals, and I must say, I’m already in love. Everything you know about winter hygge can be cast aside, because their small but perfectly formed collection focuses on fresh prints, simple design and quality materials to keep your home feeling bright and cool. I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces to inspire your summer decorating, and Hygge Rituals have very generously offered one lucky Hello Hygge reader the chance to win an item of their choice from the website! Read to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter…

Keep it cushioned


Palm prints and pineapples are EVERYWHERE this summer, and with good reason. I love the clean greens of this palm print cushion cover, and this gold pineapple print would go with pretty much any colour scheme. Just because it’s way too hot for your throws and fluffy blankets, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort, and these little babies from Hygge Rituals will keep you cool and comfy all summer.

Pretty up your plants


I love having plants in the house, and this glass and wood plant holder immediately caught my eye. I like that the crystal glass holder looks like it belongs in a science lab, and the wood gives it that effortlessly cool rustic Scandi vibe. Being able to see the roots of your plant is a brilliant bonus, and I could see myself wanting to check back every day to see what it looked like. Kids would love these – a little biology project for the summer holidays anyone?

Cool for the summer


Trying to sleep in this weather is UNBEARABLE isn’t it? I spritz my entire body with water (top tip: leave a plant spritzer filled with water in the fridge during the day for a refreshing nighttime ritual) before I even dare to lay on my bed… yet I’m someone who just can’t sleep unless I’m covered with SOMETHING. That’s why I have total heart eyes for this elegant fringed French linen throw. You can ditch the duvet and sleep under this lightweight layer to avoid the 3am sweats (I’m so glamorous aren’t I?), and the great news is that the more you wash this, the softer it will get, meaning you can freshen it up as often as you need while the nights are sweltering and sticky.

Pretty in pink


Pink is my favourite colour of all time, and flamingos are another mega trend for this summer. They’re on dresses, bags, in pools, in interior design, EVERYWHERE. I love these pretty clean flamingo prints, and I love the way they’re styled here in these crisp white frames. As much as I love neutral interiors, the Scandis aren’t ones for shying away from pops of colour, and this artwork strikes just the right balance between bright and fun and easy breezy. I’ll take one for every room please.

Feelin’ pot pot pot


Look at THESE little cuties! These little ceramic pots are incredibly versatile – Hygge Rituals suggests using them for planting your succulents, but I think they’d look just as great filled with little shells, pebbles or crystals. Ceramic is also fire resistant, making them adorable little votive holders for your favourite candles. If you’re struggling to keep bugs at bay, why not use citronella tealights? Insects don’t like the smell, so it might help you keep your little unwanted visitors away.

Win an item of your choice from Hygge Rituals

Now for the fun part! I’m very excited to give you guys the chance to win an item of your choice from Hygge Rituals, and it couldn’t be simpler to enter. Simply visit the Hygge Rituals website and let me know which item catches your eye in the comments on this post. And, importantly – head to my Rafflecopter page here to confirm that you’ve left a blog comment and for extra entries.

And that’s it! Easy, right? This competition is open worldwideΒ (hooray!) and you have until 11.59pm BST on 7th July 2017 to enter. Best of luck, and stay cool!

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Post written in collaboration with Hygge Rituals

156 Comments Add yours

  1. MrsJRW19 says:

    I am loving the pineapple prints at the moment too. Actually just purchased a new gold print pineapple beach bag for my holiday.
    I would like to win the Reindeer Silhouette Wall Art – B017 – 50x70cm. It would be perfect in my living room.
    Another great post, thanks Kayleigh.

  2. Louise says:

    The metal frame plant pot holders are gorgeous – and as I’m into houseplants id like them xx

  3. Stephanie Neiter says:

    I am absolutely in love with the pink flamingo wallart! Simply gorgeous!
    Awesome blog too – really enjoying reading!

  4. Criddlemethis says:

    Love these little plant holders!! Great post x

  5. Kim says:

    What a great site, and it’s so hard to choose! I love the colorful town collection cushion covers, especially the one with the birch trees, and the one with the lake. Thanks so much for this chance to win!

  6. I love the fringed French linen throw! So perfect for warm summer nights! Great post!

  7. tractorsandglam says:

    I love the throw blankets. Although it is hot outside, I almost always have some kind of blanket on. I also adore the flamingo wall art.

  8. Love the simple bed.

  9. Tania Atfield says:

    I absolutely love the knitted cotton cashmere throw

  10. Harline parkin says:

    I love plants so I love the plant hanging globe

  11. iain maciver says:

    throw blankets

  12. Lexx Oliver says:

    Love the plant holders- thy look so scientific!

  13. Elsa gerard says:

    The throw is so beautiful and elegant.

  14. tracyknixon says:

    I’d love a Glass Hanging Globe – it would be lovely to watch gently swaying by an open window – I could imagine myself lounging in it!

  15. pete c says:

    the Large Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vase

  16. Susan Smith says:

    The Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vase, its beautiful

  17. Byrd says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the plants cushion cover, especially the fern one. πŸ’œ

  18. Daisy Leason says:

    I love the glass bowl plant holder that’s featured in this article, it’s so unique!

  19. Angela Treadway says:

    Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw x

  20. Alica says:

    I love their Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw!! It looks so cosy!

  21. So sweet of you to host a giveaway! I love the post.
    I love the Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw is the cream color. Sounds soooo comfy.

  22. Nicki Evans says:

    I love the knitted cotton cashmere plush throw

  23. Suzi says:

    I love the Hello Gorgeous wall art. I would hang that in my bathroom!

  24. claire woods says:

    Bridge in the Woods Wall Art

  25. Tee Simpson says:

    Love the animals in water wall art

  26. Solange says:

    I’d like to win the pink flamingo wall art and I’d put it in the living room and hallway this summer.

  27. kelandab22 says:

    I love the Golden Pineapple Pattern Cushion Cover it’s so cute!

    Kelly Ellen Hirst

  28. Amanda tanner says:

    i love the the shaped porcelain vase

  29. Tamsin Dean says:

    Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw looks so comfy and perfect for a winters evening in

  30. Andreea says:

    in my head I translate Hygge as “Cozy” in English

  31. charlotte says:

    the plant holder you wrote about is gorgeous, id love that

  32. Scandinavian inspired pattern collection cushion cover

  33. Sheena Batey says:

    The Inside the Woods Wall Art is my choice

  34. plumbobmummy says:

    Love the animals in water wall art

  35. Don Canning says:

    I really love the cushions but not sure which one I like best!

  36. I really liked the ceramic pot 3-piece set!

  37. The linen throw is beautiful but washing it to soften it doesn’t seem possible as the site says its dry clean only.

  38. Kim M says:

    Love the Peacock cushion Cover x

  39. louise anderson says:

    Reindeer Silhouette Wall Art – loving these animals after going to Finland last December

  40. Andrea Fletcher says:

    I like the Sweet Animals Wall Art.

  41. Joanne Darnell says:

    love the wall art

  42. Susan Helwig says:

    I love the “Plants Cushion Covers”! They’d be perfect for my living room, which is all done in green and white!

  43. Lindsay Kennedy says:

    I just love the french linen throws–perfect for summer!

  44. Katie Skeoch says:

    The Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw looks so luxurious! I’d love it to keep me cosy at night

  45. Rachel Craig says:

    Some cushions would be practical. Happy Nursery WALL art is Nice, as is Life Quotes Wall Art.

  46. Pamela says:

    The Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw looks very cosy!

  47. Rachel Butterworth says:

    The Big Fish Little Boat Wall Art. I have a spare bedroom that my niece and nephews sleep in when they visit. It has a coastal theme, so this would fit in perfectly.

  48. Jacqui Allen says:

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I love the animals in water prints. Made me smile!

  49. Gillian Hitchen says:

    It has to be the flaming prints, I have a soft green room and these would really pop against the walls

  50. Sheila Reeves says:

    I love the Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw in yellow – althougth it’s nice & warm now, that can soon turn and this looks so cosy and would really go well on my sofa

  51. I love the minimalistic bed! It just feels so clean and fresh, just by looking at it, hahaha! Great blogpost too! Thanks a lot! x

  52. jo liddement says:

    I love the Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vase and it would look so nice on my window sill in my living room with some dainty little plants tucked away inside it.

  53. wendy moore says:

    I absolutely love the pink flamingo wall art. We’ve got plastic flamingos in the garden and the wall art would complement them beautifully.

  54. Natalie Crossan says:

    I love the pink flamingo wall art for my mum – she’s going through a pink flamingo obsession currently!!

  55. Marie Oldham says:

    French Linen Throw

  56. laura banks says:

    the egg shaped porcelain vases

  57. lozzle77 says:

    the egg shaped porcelain vases

  58. Angela McDonald says:

    I love the Colourful Town Collection cushions!!

  59. Deirdre M says:

    I love the bed – so simple and minimalist! I need to get a new one so it might have to be this!

  60. Stacey Chan says:

    I love the Batman wall art.

  61. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I was immediately drawn to the red Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw – but then I saw the price!

  62. Mel B says:

    Pink flamingo wall art, without question! Absolutely gorgeous ❀

  63. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Love the Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vase – Ideal for my living room

  64. rubesris says:

    I love the french linen throws-totally classy,light and perfect for summer

  65. Michelle Tucker says:

    Definitely the flamingo wall art! Love them!

  66. aj says:

    I like the garlic shaped vase

  67. Tracy Newton says:

    I love the French Linen throw. It would look great over the sofa or on the bed

  68. gothlass88 says:

    Ceramic Pot 3-Piece Set i would really like these for my little indoor plants

  69. serenityyou says:

    I love all the cushions. My favourites are the one with gold pineapple and the black one with white arrows

  70. bonjourpeach says:

    Such a cute site! I love the fringed French linen throw – looks perfect for a cozy night at home!

  71. Carol says:

    I’m awfully, awfully fond of that Golden Pineapple Pattern Cushion Cover.

  72. Melissa Lee says:

    The Animals in Water wall art is beautiful

  73. Sophie says:

    Absolutely love the knitted cashmere throw in red. Goes with my room and would be perfect for me and pupper to snuggle in😍

  74. habitualweb says:

    those plant pots are so cool!

  75. EJ Dunn says:

    I love the Batman wall art. It would look perfect on my living room wall.

  76. Rai says:

    Bridge in the woods wall art – love it! Thanks

  77. Debi Newman says:

    I love the Scandinavian inspired pattern cushion cover x

  78. Christine Caple says:

    I love the Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw

  79. Melanie Pennie says:

    Absolutely love the Glass Bowl with Wooden Stand Plant Holders. Just re-designing / updating our bathroom and these would look fantastic in there

  80. Love the metal bowl frame planter it would match my dining room decor

  81. Caroline Cordery says:

    I’d go for the linen fringed throw and use it in my garden seating area for when the evening gets a bit chilly.

  82. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    Love the Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vase. Would look great against a dark coloured wall.

  83. justjules33 says:

    I would love the three flamingo prints to put in my grey lounge and give it a boost of colour.

  84. Victoria Prince says:

    I’d love to win the Dog Lover Cushion Cover and I would style it by placing it on the chair I have in my living area

  85. Amanda Gregory says:

    The Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vases are absolutely gorgeous. They would look lovely on the sideboard in my lounge this summer.

  86. Fleur says:

    Love the metal bowl frame plant pots lovely unique design

  87. Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw = this looks so cosy!

  88. Samantha Rustill says:

    I love the Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw in ivory, it would look wonderful in my living room.

  89. sheridarby says:

    I really love the Metal Bowl Frame Plant Holder — I love plants and they would look brilliant in these

  90. nicky pearce says:

    Bridge in the Woods Wall Art

  91. rachael o'mara says:

    soooo difficult to choose!!! but either some life quotes wall art or the ivory coloured cashmere throw ;0)

  92. Susan B says:

    The Peacock cushion cover and the Scandinavian Inspired Pattern Collection in green caught5 my eye.

  93. Laura Whittle says:

    The Neutral Fringed French Linen Throw in Flax. Would look great on my sofa styled with my nature cushions x

  94. Clare Adams says:

    I like the look of the Metal Bowl Frame Plant Holder

  95. janine atkin says:

    id love the big fish little boat wall art for my bathroom

  96. Deborah Hambleton says:

    So hard to choose but I think I would go for the knitted cotton cashmere throw. I love nights on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good book and this would keep me snug!

  97. Jillanne David says:

    I love the metal bowl frame plant holders

  98. Nancy Bradford says:

    The Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw looks really soft and comfy – love it. Thank you for running this lovely competition x

  99. Joanna Ford says:

    I would love to win the pink flamingo wall art and would have it on my light grey wall in my living room to add a splash of colour to it!

  100. Hazel Rea says:

    The Neutral Fringed French Linen Throw in Flax is gorgeous. I’d be torn between having it in the bedroom or on the sofa.

  101. Natasha Brain says:

    The french linen throw looks lovely and airy!

  102. Natasha R-M says:

    I like the knitted cotton cashmere plush throw in yellow and would use it in the living room.

  103. Jayne K says:

    Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw in red

  104. Hannah Wiliams says:

    Oh my goodness me, so much choice! I’ve narrowed it down to the Flamingo Wall Art (I think πŸ˜‚)

  105. Derek Wilson says:

    Love the French linen throw. Not only great for the bed, but ideal for the sofa too, especially as my living room is decorated in neutral colours. x

  106. derektwilson says:

    Love the French linen throw. Not only great for the bed, but ideal for the sofa too, especially as my living room is decorated in neutral colours. x

  107. carol boffey says:

    i love the throw

  108. Danielle Pooley says:

    There are so many bits that I like, but I love the ‘Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw’. I’m due 4th November with my second child & this would be amazing

  109. Michelle Wild says:

    The fringed French linen throw I think though those see through plant test tube things are ace too!

  110. Summer Rowley says:

    I’d love the Egg Shell Porcelain Vase!

  111. I love the Velvet leaves collection cushions, I have a 70’s themed living room which is very earthy colours so I feel these cushions would add a nice pop of green πŸ™‚

  112. Michaela Smith says:

    I would choose the beautiful French linen throw in the Taupe/grey colour! Just perfect for my newly decorated bedroom πŸ™‚

  113. Wendy Guy says:

    I adore the flamingos.

  114. kim wallace says:

    Flamingo wall art please

  115. Charlie says:

    How gorgeous are these White Garlic Shaped Porcelain Vase, I just love them !!!!

  116. Rachael Sexey says:

    I love the bridge in the woods artwork it would look amazing in my living room πŸ‘­

  117. lynn neal says:

    The flamingo prints are fabulous!

  118. elaine stokes says:

    Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vase, I have a corner of my living room that has all my pot plants in and this would bring them all together in a stylish modern way

  119. Chris Fletcher says:

    I’m loving the Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vases – they are a bit wacky but very cool too! Could see them in our lounge

  120. Karen Jones says:

    I love this the Peaceful Nature wall art – so calming x

  121. Monika Bascombe says:

    Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw – I like it a lot , I would pair it up with cream fluffy cushions

  122. Allan Fullarton says:

    Love the Egg Shell Porcelain Vase. Great colour.

  123. Francesca H says:

    I love the porcelain vases – we just came back from a trip to the Eden Project and have massive succulent envy having spent hours exploring the biodomes.

  124. Paula T says:

    Absolutely love the Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw ❀

  125. Stevie Fairbairn says:

    I would pick the elephant cushion for the spare/computer room.

  126. Danielle Pearce says:

    How can I choose my favourite item there are so many lovely things to choose from, torn between the French Fringed linen throw and the glass and wood plant holder as its so different.

  127. Chloe Brill says:

    love the ceramic pots

  128. I absolutely adore the Reindeer Family Silhouette Wall Art – my son’s name means “friend of the deer” and so I’m always on the look out for deer based art for our home as I love that connection πŸ™‚

  129. Angela Macdonald says:

    I love the elephant silly animal print cushion πŸ™‚

  130. Erica Price says:

    I’d love a Glass Hanging Globe to hang in my feature window

  131. Amy Dacre says:

    I love the knitted Cotton cashmere plush throw

  132. Suzie W says:

    I love the flamingo prints, they’re beautiful

  133. fionajk42 says:

    I love the set of 3 squished square ceramic pot planters

  134. Dave Edwards says:

    The Batman Wall Art – we’ve just moved in to a new house so itd be easy to decorate around it!

  135. Simone Griffin says:

    I love the little pots and the pineapple cushion 😍

  136. Leeanne Clifford says:

    Reindeer Silhouette Wall Art
    I love these so much

  137. Marie Rule says:

    I would like the Knitted Cotton Cashmere Plush Throw in light blue. I would put it in our conservatory to go with the decor.

  138. hannahlig says:

    I love the egg shell shaped porcelain vase and I would style it in my kitchen to brighten it up

  139. Adrian Bold says:

    I love the Large Eggshell Shaped Porcelain Vase which would go great on a side table in the living room.

  140. Ruth Wollerton says:

    I love the French linen throw because I always overheat at night, so this woukd be snuggly HEAVEN

  141. Suzanne says:

    I love the metal bow frame plant holder, which would be lovely by way of contrast next to my traditional fireplace as a focal point.

  142. Mary H says:

    The metal bowl frame plant holders are lush! I’d style them in my coservatory with succlents and cacti.

  143. Alice says:

    Loving the plant holders . So cute!

  144. I love your hygge ideas for summer. I think my favorite idea is your water spritzer. You can also go to Bath & Bodyworks, buy a summer scent, and refrigerate it. When you get hot, spritz the scent for summer aromatherapy.

  145. Anisa says:

    I can’t decide! I LOVE the cute little succulent pots but also love the metal bowl frame plant holder! xoxo

  146. Leah says:

    The little ceramic pots are too cute! Make me giggle just looking at them…so much character!

  147. Katie Marjoram says:

    I really like the good vibes only wall art!

  148. Emma Middleton says:

    I love the flaming wall art, Would love to hang this in my new room

  149. Carol Phile says:

    I would choose the flamingo wall art for my pink and hearty bedroom to go on the deep raspberry feature wall to add a pop id brightness

  150. The concepts are so pretty. It’s like nature at home πŸ™‚

    1. Aww thank you! I’m glad to hear that πŸ™‚

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