Get cosy with Finding Hygge

I have something very exciting to tell you about today!

2018 sees the release of Finding Hygge, a documentary dedicated to finding the real meaning of hygge. In this documentary, we will meet a host of real people embracing hygge in their own lives, and find out what it means to them. From The Little Book of Hygge’s Meik Wiking to Colorado-based store owners Alex and Koen and culinary project leader Jakob Vinkler, this is a great opportunity to find out more about hygge both in and outside Scandinavia.


Finding Hygge came about after filmmakers Rocky Walls and Zach Downs visited Copenhagen in 2016 and noticed major cultural differences between Denmark and the US. It was here that they came across the concept of hygge, around the same time it was taking the rest of the world by storm, and they decided to share the true meaning of hygge globally with this brand new film.

Finding Hygge is about learning how to find the truly good things in life that
make you happy. It’s about being inspired to rediscover the things you already
know but have allowed clutter to cover up.
– Rocky Walls, Director of Finding Hygge


This film follows everyone from hygge hero and author of The Little Book of Hygge Meik Wiking to head chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro Paul Cunningham and farmer and painter Frans van der Woude. As we meet each person, they reveal their story and what hygge means to them, and this film gives an insight into real hygge both in and outside of Denmark.

When you’re ‘consuming hygge’ through social media, or books, or articles, it’s easy to imagine it as something static – not the living and breathing act it really is. You don’t see the tendrils of steam curling off that cup of tea, or the way the sofa moulds to someone’s body as they take their usual spot, or see the goosebumps erupt on someone’s skin as they receive a hug from a cold-skinned visitor at the front door. That’s why I can’t wait to see hygge in motion, represented how we all do it every day.

We all have stress, social media, pressure, and those things aren’t all bad.
But, we’ve got to find a way out of them, too. We need to turn stress off and
appreciate life. I hope that the people who watch this film find hygge in their
own way, that it makes their life better, and that they help others find and
experience it, too.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the finished documentary! If you can’t wait, I have a little teaser to show you below – enjoy!


Are you looking forward to watching Finding Hygge? I’d love to know what you think!


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  1. intenttowin says:

    Reblogged this on writingforme1961 and commented:
    Let’s be thankful for what we have and try making life simpler.

  2. Do Stansfield says:

    Hygge… minimalism…yoga…
    I am drawing on all three … and living a very happy life!
    Looking forward to seeing the movie…hope it will be showing in Toronto.

    1. Fantastic! I’m glad they’re giving you so much happiness 🙂 I’ll post an update when I find out where it’s showing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this documentary with us! We’re definitely looking forward to watching it—as it looks like they’re going to show the real feelings that hygge promotes. Hopefully they’ll do away with the myth that it’s all about scented candles! Have a great weekend Kayleigh xx

    1. No problem! Me too – can’t wait to see hygge captured on film! Thank you, you too! xx

  4. my852life says:

    Will be watching!

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