The best autumnal homeware for hygge

Is it just me or is September absolutely flying past?

Now we have some nice chilly mornings and darker evenings, my mind is turning to nesting. I LOVE buying homeware more than anything else, and even though you don’t need to buy anything to hygge, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a couple of bits and pieces if they make you happy!

The homeware game appears to have been seriously raised this year as so many of us have spent so much time at home, and it’s really coming into its own now autumn is hitting its stride. I wanted to show you a few of the pieces I’m lusting over for my own hygge just in case you’re craving some newness of your own, and I’m covering a range of price points to suit all budgets. I also have a few special links and tricks up my sleeve to help you save a bit of money. You can’t beat a bit of good-value hygge can you?!

The White Company Autumn collection

I first bought The White Company’s Autumn room spray a couple of years ago, and I’ve never looked back. It’s one of my all-time favourite scents because it smells so juicy and moreish with its blend of pear, quince and apricot (it’s the quince that really stands out to me). If you want something that looks super pretty, go for the botanical candle complete with its autumn leaves and apple slices, or if you just can’t decide, I recommend the mini home scenting set.

The White Company isn’t necessarily the cheapest, but they often have offer codes. I use the Honey browser extension to automatically scour the internet for discount codes. If you use my Honey referral link we’ll both get 500 Honey Gold, worth £5!

Pickleberry Art Hello Autumn mug

I really bloody love a seasonal mug, so naturally I snapped up this Hello Autumn mug from Pickleberry Art on Etsy. It came beautifully packaged with a couple of cute little fabric leaves, and even some bonus stickers! If you like scrapbooking as much as I do, it might be worth grabbing a couple of her pumpkin spice stickers, because a) they’re super cute and b) it’s always nice to support independent artists.

Cox & Cox light-up carnival stars

As my fellow hygge enthusiasts will know, lighting is ESSENTIAL when it comes to hygge. Turn that harsh overhead lighting off and create a custom glow with this trio of light-up carnival stars, which will see you all the way through to Christmas (and beyond). I love that these little guys are battery operated, meaning you can scatter them around the room, and if you’ve gone all starry eyed, you could even mix and match them with these pretty hanging stars.

There’s SO much nice stuff on that website (including a gorgeous Christmas department – especially the Scandinavian Lakehouse and Alpine Lodge ranges), and you can use this link if you want £20 off your first £25 order. (pro tip: there are lots of Christmas decorations available for £12.50 each. Using my link means you can get two sets for just £5 + postage!).

La Soufflerie Tete vase

Right, bear with me, because this one is a bit unusual… ever since the start of lockdown I’ve been OBSESSED with this recycled glass La Soufflerie Tete vase. I love it in amber for autumn, but it also comes in blue, green and clear glass depending on your décor. They’re not huge, making them ideal for just a few autumnal sprigs (treat yourself to an Orla bouquet from Bloom & Wild and arrange it into several smaller posies – £10 off here!), or for something more permanent, how about a bunch of thistles or the suddenly VERY popular dried pampas grass?

Umage Silvia copper lampshade

I already have the Umage Silvia lampshade in my bedroom in white, but I’m extremely tempted by the cosy copper shade too. It comes packed flat, and you assemble it at home, but it takes literally five minutes, and it looks like a pine cone when it’s done! This is a Danish brand, so double hygge points, and it’s a real statement piece that makes me smile every time I look at it.

Serafina leaf ornament

I LOVE this bronze Serafina leaf ornament! There’s so much you can do with it – hang it off the bottom of a shelf, use it as table decor, hang it from some decorative twigs (is it just my mum who loves these?), use it as a napkin ring or lots of other things. It also comes in gold, or you can get a cream pine cone or this fun little Nordic mushroom ornament, so you can create your own little autumnal collection. When Christmas arrives (and it’ll be here sooner than you think), they can even make the transition onto the tree!

Lene Bjerre LED pillar candle

Look out – more Danish points oncoming! Anyone with pets or young children (or a general problem with clumsiness) knows that real candles aren’t always the best idea. But there’s no need to forgo candles entirely – just switch to LED candles! Lene Bjerre’s LED pillar candles come in three sizes so you can mix and match the heights, and they’re made of paraffin so they still look waxy. If you’ve bought LED candles from the pound shop, you’ll know they can feel more like being in a nightclub than a romantic restaurant, but these are reassuringly realistic, with a gently flickering ‘flame’.

Oliver Bonas Dos recycled cotton throw

As much as I love autumn colours, I love pink even more, which is why I feel a primal pull towards this recycled cotton throw from Oliver Bonas. It also comes in green and blue, but the pink reminds me of those amazing September sunsets we’re getting, all peachy and pink and terracotta. This throw is made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles, which I think is super cool, and you can never have enough blankets and throws if you ask me.

Muurla Nordic forest jar

The second I saw this Muurla Nordic forest jar, my mind went to the candied pecans from my recent post, and then straight to the ScandiKitchen pick’n’mix. Did you know that in Sweden, sweet-eating is actively encouraged on a Saturday, also known as Lördagsgodis, or ‘Saturday sweets’? And I mean, if it’s good enough for the Swedes, it’s good enough for us to get ourselves a pretty jar and stash our sweets for the week.

Aromatherapy oil diffuser

My aromatherapy oil diffuser has honestly been a game changer. This is the exact one I have, and don’t be fooled by its low price – it works just as well as the pricier brands. You can either buy yourself a set of oils like this one, or create your own custom collection – I get a lot of mine from Aroma Energy on eBay, and going in my diffuser this month will be the pumpkin spice, autumn air and falling leaves blends.

Cox & Cox blush eucalyptus garland

I’m trying to restrain myself here and not just post the entire Cox & Cox website, but I HAVE to show you this blush eucalyptus garland. I normally associate eucalyptus with Christmas, because it always features on my wreath, but the blush pink tinge keeps this garland looking like its bathed in golden hour light. And don’t forget, you can get this beauty for just £15 with this link!

Next pumpkin ramekins

Oh my god guys. I love these pumpkin ramekins SO much. My friend Rachel got me a white pair last year, and I’m so tempted to give them some new orange pals. These ramekins are just beyond cute, and the perfect size for individual soufflés, crumbles or mini pies. They keep flying out of stock online (believe me, I’ve been watching), but you can try your luck at your local Next store. I feel I should also draw your attention to the bigger white pumpkin casserole dish, but it’s the same deal – get yourself to your nearest Next post-haste!

Bamboo bath tray

A bath tray is for hygge, not just for Insta. I actually bought mine from Aldi, but in true Aisle of Dreams fashion, it was there one week and gone the next, but you can find them virtually everywhere these days. They don’t just look nice either – they’re also super handy when it comes to having all your products within easy reach, as well as a spot for your drink and even your iPad or Kindle if you want to unwind with a show or a book. But let’s be real – they also look GREAT even when they’re not in use, especially with a pretty jar of bath salts and a plant or two on display.

Creamore acorn light pull

I always walk past Utility in Brighton and think how cool all the stuff looks. But for a shop that’s all about substance over style, this little acorn light pull is hella cute. I feel like this would be perfect for a cloakroom or a bathroom – two rooms we probably neglect a bit when it comes to seasonal decorating. What I love even more is that it’s made of oak, which seems very appropriate!

Autumn leaves embossing rolling pin

I love baking, especially at this time of year, and I’ve got it in my head that I want to rustle up some peanut butter cookies. When I was browsing Etsy, I came across this beautiful autumn leaves embossing rolling pin, that turns even the simplest, plainest baking into something altogether more aesthetically pleasing. You could use this on cookie dough or pastry (think of an autumn leaf pie crust atop your little pumpkin ramekins! Adorable!) to zhoozh it up and take it to the next level with virtually no effort.

Copper measuring cups

I’ve mentioned before that American-style measuring cups are an absolute godsend when it comes to baking. Not only are these copper measuring cups useful, but they’re also BEAUT, and can be left out on a shelf as decoration. And if you’re a more precise baker than me and use proper spoon measurements, you might also want these copper measuring spoons… I know I do.

Kitsch satin pillowcases

Every time I start to put my summer dresses away, there’s another mini heatwave. That’s why I love Kitsch satin pillowcases – they keep me much cooler than cotton, and they’re also kinder to skin and hair overnight. I’ve gone for the ivory shade for versatility, but if you have a wild side maybe you’ll be tempted by the leopard print! I’m sending you to Cult Beauty for these, where you can use this link to get £10 off your first £50 spend.

Christy Chroma towels

I have a confession to make: I really, REALLY love new towels. I especially love them when they come in a bundle tied up with a ribbon. It’s such a boring thing to buy, but cracking out a fresh new towel just makes me happy. I love Christy’s Chroma towel range, and I particularly like the cayenne and ochre shades for autumn. Though, there’s also something drawing me to that rich lagoon shade…

Home Sweet Home doormat

Call me twee, but I have such a soft spot for Home Sweet Home stuff. I’d love to learn to cross stitch just so I can make myself a Home Sweet Home wall hanging, but it’s not a skill I’ve acquired just yet, so I’ll happily make do with this Home Sweet Home doormat from Dunelm. It’s an absolute steal at just £5, and the durable coir means it should last and last.

Rosado pink stemless wine glasses

LOOK. AT. THIS. COLOUR. If you want an autumnal shade that isn’t orange, burgundy or rusty brown, look no further than this deep pinky-coral shade. Whether you talk with your hands or just don’t want to risk your glass of merlot on your cream carpet, a stemless wine glass is your friend. Imagine sitting outside sipping a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc from one of these glasses during golden hour, with the leaves tumbling from the trees and a crisp breeze rolling in over the fence. Perfection!

So, these are my autumnal homeware picks. What’s caught your eye? Or will you be reusing your trusty old favourites this year? Let me know in the comments!


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