Apologies for being a bit rubbish at blogging lately; I suppose I can blame it partially on being out of the country for a few days, but still, there is no excuse now that I am home.

I’ve been slacking with the shorthand a bit, which is bad, but I’ll kick it off again tomorrow, I promise. I’ve also ordered my final book for the course (the law book… that’s my bedtime reading sorted for the next week), and bought my lever arch files. Just an address book to buy now. It’s only just occurred to me that only ten days stand between now and starting my journalism journey. I’m waiting on interview responses from various people, so obviously as soon as those are back I’ll get writing.

I’ve had some cracking feedback on this blog recently, so thank you to everyone bothering to read it, comment, like the posts etc. I’m on the home stretch with my uni course for the year (thank the lord), just fighting through the final few essays. My brother is talking about going to UCL for his Masters. I personally can’t think of anything worse than doing a Masters, which is partly why I’m happy to be getting a vocational qualification under my belt. Also, by the time I leave uni I’ll be in a position to launch straight into finding a job, or an internship, or work experience, or SOMETHING. I can’t wait to get into the real world and get earning. I hate relying on a student loan, and I’m really excited to launch myself into the workplace to do something I feel really enthusiastic about. I suppose lots of my final year, aside from writing my dissertation, will be spent begging and pleading with people in journalism to give me a chance. I love making and maintaining connections, which is obviously crucial for becoming a journalist. I kind of consider meeting new people ‘collecting’ them. I think it’s really important to be nice to everyone too; you never know who you might need to speak to in the future. It’s lucky I’m interested in etiquette really; it means I know how to act and how to handle awkward situations. I was intending to write a piece about etiquette, but ironically none of the etiquette experts I’ve contacted have been polite enough to respond; even to say that they are too busy to help me.

Anyway, I think that’s about all there is to say today. Please don’t be shy about getting in touch about anything; I love seeing comments ping into my inbox!



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