Summer Sun(day)


WHAT is going on with this weather? My body simply cannot compute this temperature. After the wettest April on record, we’ve been thrust into this searing heat day after day! Insanity! I spent this afternoon on the beach with Shopping Saviour’s Rachel and some frozen yogurt, tutting over the ridiculous amount of people slathering on the oil to really get a nice burn going on. I actually participated in a campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust a few years ago, and since then I’ve really been turned off the idea of getting a tan. I don’t think I’m physically capable of tanning, I’m that naturally pale, but I’d rather be pale and interesting than burnt to cinders.

Anyway, since my last post I’ve finished shorthand theory! Hooray! Although also, oh god, because we’re now onto speed building. I quite enjoy dictation, in a weird way, but only when I know all the words. I often panic and just have to make up an outline of my own to fill the space. Not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

Also, my laptop’s had to be sent off for repair, at long last. Anyone who knows my trusty laptop will know it’s been fighting on for about a year now, with literally no battery life and a broken click button. When the 1/! key fell off, it was the final straw. I wanted to put up my interview with my friend Chris Andrew, aka. Hexus, but it’s gone off with the laptop, as I stupidly forgot to transfer it beforehand, so as soon as my laptop is back, that will go up. I also have another piece to write about an issue that rouses a lot of strong opinions, but I’ve not had time to start it yet as I’ve been busy all weekend.

I need to get a move on with my PA feature, and I want to come up with a few more feature ideas. I might do something Jubilee-related for next weekend! Basically, there are a few things in the pipeline I’d like to work on. Also, I might try to do something with video. I only have a little point-and-shoot digital camera, but it’s pretty good quality regardless, so I’ll see what I can bang up.

Anyway, I’m off to melt my way into bed now (and by ‘into’, I mean lay on top of the covers for a good two hours, eventually fall asleep through sheer exhaustion and wake up half an hour later inexplicably under the covers)



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  1. Pale? Try being ginger in this weather! It’s like Armageddon with more ice cream 😛
    Congrats on passing your shorthand though 😀

    1. Haha, I’m insanely pale despite having really dark hair, not sure quite how that happened, but I mostly feel your pain!

      Just got to get the speed up in shorthand now I;ve battled through all the theory!

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