Happy Humpday!


Now before you ask what the title is about, it was inspired by this hilarious blog post. I’d only ever heard the term on Mean Girls before, but never understood what ‘Humpday’ meant… but I now know that it refers to Wednesday, i.e. the ‘hump’ in the middle of the week! Seeing as it’s a novel term to me, it’s actually quite cute and funny… let’s see how I feel about it in six months when everyone is using it, aha.

Today we had a Media Law mock exam, which went alrrrrright I guess. Shorthand is still blisteringly tricky for me at the moment, but I feel like I’m SLOWLY crawling towards 80wpm. Slowly. SLOWLY.

Today we had a talk about work experience, which got me all excited and fired up actually. Right now I’m thinking of going for The Argus (for a reporting placement), MoneySupermarket (for copywriting, and because I like the website anyway) and Esquire (for magazine and subbing experience). I need to write a good journalism CV, so if anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them! I’m really excited about the prospect of work experience. It’ll be great to see how the industry really works from the inside.

I can’t comprehend how fast this course has gone! When I think about how much this year at uni dragged, this is just insanity. It’s one of the things I really like about this course; the fact it’s not eating into too much of my time. I’m really impatient, and I hate moving at a slow pace, so cramming it all into such a short space of time is ideal for me. I frequently feel frustrated and overwhelmed, but in a way I like the challenge and the mental stimulation. We finish the course at the end of July (and that includes the extra Business of Magazines week, which I can’t wait for), and to think that we only started in April is bizarre.

I have a couple more ideas for features up my sleeve, so I’ll keep you posted about those once they’re up and running.

Shorthand time for me now, I’m afraid. As I said before though, if any journalists have CV tips, please do let me know!



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