When I get that feeling, I want… Friday feeling


Apologies for rhyming ‘feeling’ with ‘feeling’ in the title; it’s just one of those frivolous days (a Friday, in fact).

So, at this time in a week, I will have taken an 80wpm shorthand exam, assuming I’ve passed the 60wpm (less assuming, more PRAYING). The thought makes me feel physically sick to be honest, seeing as today’s shorthand session was just mistake after mistake for me. I don’t know why, but I had no focus at all today. We also did a PA mock question about Europe. The amount there is to learn for PA is incredibly daunting, but there’s little we can do than just get on with it and learn it.

On Monday, we receive our law mock results. On Tuesday, we receive the 60wpm shorthand results. I’ve noticed from my blog stats that I get quite a few hits from Google searches about Teeline shorthand, so I think I’ll do another post on it soon. I’m thinking of writing a post with the (few) tips I’ve managed to figure out to make shorthand easier for left-handers. There’s nothing online about it at all, so there’s an obvious gap in the blogging market for it. It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to other people, but I often find myself going backwards with my strokes, and struggling with the dreaded spiral-bound reporter’s notebook, and don’t even get me started on pen choice.

I’ve got myself another little community patch story today! It’s a nice one actually. Just waiting on some photos, and then it’ll go straight up. I really like doing these little stories; it’s great seeing my stories that I’ve sourced and written on the website, and knowing that people will be reading them. My PA teacher told me that his wife came across one of my stories on the website because it was one of the most shared, which was nice. I just get a real buzz from it, the idea that someone has been interested enough by my story that they’ve taken a couple of minutes out of their day to read it. I’m trying to get various bits of writing experience at the moment, so I’m just trying my hand at anything going really.

Right, well, this 80wpm won’t get itself, so it’s a Friday night practising my outlines I reckon! And remember Brightonians, I’m happy to write any newsworthy story, so let me know what’s going on and I’ll cover it!



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