Exams ahoy


Here’s some exciting (shocking) news for you – I passed my 60wpm shorthand exam! Hooray! This means that as long as I pass everything else (at whatever level), I’ll have passed my NCTJ. Again, hooray! Alas, I have to sit an 80wpm on Friday. I don’t feel ready at all! I keep getting most of the practice passages down, and then having a hysterical breakdown when I hit a stupid word like ‘burglary’ and then losing half a sentence. Yes, it’s only half a sentence, but that’s enough for a fail. It’s extraordinarily frustrating. I desperately need to perfect my 80wpm in about three days. OH DEAR.

Yesterday, I received some cracking post. I received a party invitation (more invitations should be sent through the post, I think), Moulin Rouge on DVD, a cheerleading game for the Wii (don’t judge, I know I’m 20 going on 12), some recipes from the British Heart Foundation and a letter from my new American inmate pal. He’s been in prison since he was 14,and he’s 22 now. I just can’t get my head around that. He seemed insanely excited to have someone to speak to. I believe prison is for reformation, and he’s been in prison for eight years, and he spoke a lot about his regret for his past.

In other news, I HAVE THREE EXAMS NEXT WEEK. Reporting on Monday (the highly controversial NCTJ Reporting paper, where it’s pretty much based on luck whether or not you pass), and Media Law and Court Reporting on Wednesday. Feeling fine about those two, but Reporting is going to be annoying, because it feels like the exam board just don’t want us to pass.

Unfortunately I must leave this post here as I’m a jibbering wreck over shorthand, and I need to practice. Tips would certainly not go amiss for shorthand, though!



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  1. Suzy says:

    I don’t want to add too much pressure but most employers want trainee journos to get 100 wpm so keep going with it!

    1. Yeah, all the guest speakers (and our tutor) are hammering it into us! I’m determined to get there even if it kills me (and it will)… I just don’t know how to improve! I’m doing quite a lot of practice and reading it over and using the dictation passages on the CD and I’m going slightly insane trying to up my speed!

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