Prints Charming


The news today is that my first print story (hence the title) has made it into my local paper! (page 19 of  The Argus in Brighton, in case you were wondering). I have a byline and everything! Also, inexplicably, my story is now on both the community page AND the normal news page of The Argus website. It’s great for me, as the byline and everything is such a thrill, but also for the boy it’s about, Oscar, as I want to drum up votes for him! (read the story if this doesn’t make sense, you idle oaf, you…)

Tomorrow I have my 80wpm shorthand exam. Feeling painfully underprepared, even though I’ve done SO much practice. I don’t think I’ll pass to be honest. I’ve managed to develop a raging headache today, probably under all the stress, so I hope that doesn’t linger around tomorrow. As I said though, I really don’t have my hopes up. If I get lucky with the passage, I stand a small chance, but otherwise… no. I’ve hit the dreaded plateau at an unfortunate 75wpm! Bit of a nightmare if I don’t pass tomorrow, as my next shot will be at 100wpm, which utterly flummoxes me.

We have our Reporting exam on Monday. Despite the nonsensical marking criteria, I feel OK about it. Media Law and Court Reporting are on Wednesday, and I feel like I have a lot to learn still, so that’s my task for the weekend.

ANYWAY, I don’t know what I’m playing at quite frankly. I need to push through this splitting headache and DO THIS SHORTHAND. I’m sure you’ll be treated with a miserable post in the next couple of days about how hideously it went, so do look forward to that! Wish me luck!



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