The end is nigh


I’m feeling a bit odd at the moment, as the end of this course is hurtling ever-closer, and I feel quite sad about that. I’m really enjoying Production Journalism, and it’ll be really weird not spending every day with my coursemates. We’re currently planning an end of course meal, which seems to have come round so quickly!

I’m spending this weekend revising PA. It took me forever just to do the constitution, and I aim to do Europe and the monarchy by the end of today. They’re all huge topics, but they need to be done. Then tomorrow maybe the Prime Minister, Government and Parliament. Ooft.

I really wish I was in the same position as the rest of my coursemates, i.e. I wish I could start applying for journalism jobs now. I’m getting really excited on behalf of everyone applying, so it’s a shame I have my final year of uni to get through before I can start applying. I’m just so keen to get myself out there into the real working world. Academic education can just go away, frankly. I feel like the NCTJ is infinitely more worthwhile than my degree, and I feel like I’ve learnt so much more in the 12 weeks I’ve been learning to become a journalist than the two years I’ve been regurgitating the academic papers of linguists. Tragic.

I wish I had more time to add to this, but unfortunately PA won’t learn itself, much as I’d like it to. Boooo.



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