The point where I’m in denial about the end of my course


It’s the penultimate day of my beloved, darling NCTJ course, and I’m revving up to go out… on a SCHOOL NIGHT. I have an exam tomorrow morning. Good god.

Today we received our PA results and I managed to slip in with a cool 84%. Hooray! Clearly offloading all knowledge on a matter, relevant or not, is the way to do it. I tried really hard for that exam though, so I’m really pleased it paid off.

As I said, tomorrow is the last exam. Only two hours left! Production Journalism 10-12pm, and then… AN ABYSS. A hollow, murmuring crevasse. I’ve decided against doing Business of Magazines week, mainly because I read all the resources yesterday, so there’s little point in reading them again, only for an entire week.

I’m going to miss everyone terribly. And the course. Such good tutors, such good content, such good coursemates. I’ve never been so reluctant to leave an educational establishment. Shall I hide in the tea room?



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