Experiencing even more work


So, my week at The Argus is over. I’ve had a few more pieces in the paper, and a couple more pieces are also online, such as this about university places, and this about a bus replacement taxi service. My double page spread should be in the paper on Tuesday, and I have a couple more lead stories to go in the paper. It was great to experience what it’s like to be in a real newsroom, and it’s interesting to see how stories come together. An editor would come and tell a reporter the bare bones of a story, and I could hear them making the calls to interviewees, and see them writing up the stories, and then the next day I could read that story in print. That’s really cool, I have to say. And of course, seeing my own name in print is pretty exciting…

Tomorrow I’m off to marketing and media firm Harrington McDermott where I’ll be writing articles about media and design solutions for their blog and doing some copywriting. I’m quite interested in marketing, so this should be good for me. I’m hoping it will also give me some inspiration for this blog, and make me better equipped to deal with web journalism (it’s the present and the future, my friends). I have a couple of article ideas already, so hopefully those will be OK.

In other news, I’m having some major stresses at the moment – an extra month’s rent left my account for my old house, so now I have to chase up the missing £500 which I urgently need. I also need my deposit back from the old house, as at the moment I have NO MONEY. And by that I mean minus money. PLEASE hire me, someone!



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