Kayleigh tries her hand at copywriting


I’ve just finished day three of my second work experience placement, and I’m LOVING IT.

I’m doing some copywriting at a local design and marketing firm, and it’s been great so far. I’m allowed to express my creativity in my writing, which is nice, as I’ve been given full responsibility over what I write. I’ve been writing some blog posts, some guides for the website, I did a case study, I’m writing a white paper, I might be putting together an eBook… It’s really interesting being able to learn about design and marketing on the job (‘More strings for your bow’, as Mother said), especially as I considered Marketing as a career path for a time.

I also really like my little walk into work. It’s a nice route via Fiveways, so I can stop off at the best greengrocers ever, Fiveways Fruits. Today I picked up a pack of TINY TINY bananas (literally about 10cm long) for 50p, which is VERY exciting!

OK I can’t even function now, I’m so tired. Proper update coming soon!



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