Absence makes the heart grow fonder


Again, apologies for my appalling lack of blogging! Genuine reason though – our student house has no internet, so I’ve been going out of my tiny mind with boredom all week. I’m now back in Brighton to use the home internet, busting a gut trying to get my PA feature finished for my portfolio.

What I’ve learnt is that people constantly let you down in journalism. Promises of prompt replies quickly turn into ignoring every form of contact you try to make, and so many people are so suspicious. Journalists aren’t all out to get you; some of us are genuinely interested in getting an interesting, lively story! It’s very frustrating having people deflect all your questions and give really vague, bland answers.

So basically, once this PA is done, it’s just a case of assembling all my other pieces and handing in my portfolio! OH MY GOD, right? All this work and it’s coming to a final, absolute end! I’m also writing up a review and will be carrying out another on Saturday, which is exciting. I should also register my interest in writing for the uni magazine again. I’m annoyed; I wrote a piece which was published (about Bloomsbury’s architecture) but I’ve never seen the published copy. I would’ve loved it for my portfolio, but oh well.

In other news, I made my Midlands debut this weekend and went to visit my friend Sia in Nottingham, which was great! Nottingham seems like a nice place, and the party was hilarious.

ANYWAY, I really do have no time to dilly dally – PA is calling!



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