A wild laptop appeared!


So sorry for my absence, as per usual my laptop has been broken and has been ‘being repaired’ by the hopeless, incompetent fools at PC World’s KnowHow. The only thing they KnowHow to do is send back my laptop in exactly the same broken condition. We’re paying a FORTUNE for our laptops to be covered under a very comprehensive policy, and they have done NOTHING. Genuinely the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. However, on a happier note, I’ve just got back from PC World with A NEW LAPTOP at long last! It’s smaller and lighter than the last one, which I like, and feels sleeker. I hate setting up new computers though. Anyway, as such, I’ve been in London without my laptop, and I can hardly blog from a work computer or from my phone, so here I am now!

I’m in Brighton now, having spent the week in London doing some freelance sub-editing at financial services firm Financial Express. It was VERY daunting on the first day, with my thought process being limited to ‘What does this mean what does that mean oh my god I’m an idiot I’m an imposter I WILL BE THE FIRST FIRED FREELANCER EVER’, but I JUST started to get my head around the technical terms by the end of the week.

I was in a great area too, on the edge of Soho, a minute or two away from Carnaby Street. I spent a lot of time ooh-ing and aah-ing over things in Liberty, not that I can afford anything yet. My freelance money doesn’t come in until October’s payday, my student loan isn’t in until tomorrow, my deposit from my last house will arrive in my account by about 2082, seemingly. I also spent lots of money on acquiring my winter chub by eating EVERYTHING in the area. I must’ve looked like Pacman.

Tonight, I am off to review a beloved eatery of mine, fro-yo shop Lick, and tomorrow I’m going to review bubble tea shop Pearls. I need the money urgently! It’s more freelancing for a new Brighton glossy magazine. Any freelance journalists out there, how do you approach and negotiate the topic of money? In a typically English fashion, the idea makes me squirm.

On Tuesday afternoon I return to London, where I am meeting fellow Journalist Works graduate Becca for lunch, and I also need to get cracking with my PA feature. NONE OF THE FREE SCHOOL TEACHERS ARE REPLYING. ARRRGH. Then we’re back to uni. Oh god. Lectures. Textbooks. Learning. Noooooooooo…


PS – If you’re on Pinterest, I’m new to the scene! Come check me out!


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  1. theoverflown says:

    Hi! I’m a freelance journalist too and food/travel editor and asking for money is probably the hardest part! I swear no journalists get paid. It’s crazy. 😦 I usually just blurt out, ‘So… any chance of getting paid sometime?’ Always a bad idea to say ‘no worries if not’ as they’ll take the opportunity to say no. I’ve been told to just build up a really big portfolio and hope for the best. It’s a pretty vague career path huh? Anyway, good luck! x

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