Back in busy-ness


I know, I know, more appalling blogger behaviour on my part… though in my defence, I have been blogging, just over at Bete It!

In the way of journalism, I’m starting to get some more things set up. Tomorrow I am interviewing the founder of the new, and insanely cool, Peruvian restaurant Ceviche for Flux Magazine, and on Thursday I am going to the restaurant to sample some of the food. I’ll be honest: I’m EXTREMELY excited.

I am also going to be interviewing the man behind a potential new treatment for immune diseases (such as diabetes) tomorrow, and that interview will be on Bete It, but I’ll link it up on my portfolio page. In a similar vein, I will probably be posting another interview I conducted last week with the lady behind research into an insulin nasal spray.

Other planned posts include an interview with a pilot, and I’m going to be finishing a piece about the merits of Norway and Sweden, as argued by their biggest fans very soon. In the name of journalistic trepidation, I have also joined a dating website, inspired by the popularity of my BeautifulPeople post. The things I do for my art!

The reason for my inconsistent posting patterns recently has been the fact I’ve been melting under my uni workload. To be honest I feel ridiculous saying that, because I’ve only had three pieces of coursework, but when they need to be done simultaneously it can get a bit full-on. That, and the fact I have a dissertation to plan and write, and it’s all been mounting up a bit. I’m through the other side now though and everything is back under control, so I’ll have a little bit of time to write some more soon.

I’m still looking for jobs and work experience to fill some of my empty week too. Anything with ‘freelance’ in its title and I pounce!

I’ve got a bit carried away with arrangements this week. Tomorrow at 10.30 I have the Ceviche interview, at 1pm I’ll be on a train, at 3pm I’m meeting a friend, in the evening I have a coursemate’s birthday drinks to go to. Thursday at 9am I have an Aesthetics lecture, at 11am I have a dissertation meeting, 1pm I have to be at Ceviche, 4pm I have a Phonology lecture. I have a feeling I’ve arranged something for Thursday evening but christ knows what. Friday I have Philosophy of Language at 1.30pm, and I’m going to the Brunswick Centre for the Christmas light switch-on in the evening, much like last year. Saturday, my mum and aunt are coming to London and we’re going to Covent Garden and Oxford Street, and I’m back in Brighton in the evening for a (belated) joint birthday outing with one of my best friends. On Sunday, I die. The next few weeks in general should be fun. I’m trying to secure some work experience in London before Christmas too. I’m a VERY busy little sprout!

OK I’m going to get on with one of my Bete It write-ups now, but watch this space for more posts with some actual substance soon!



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