A quick blast of Teeline


Just a quick Friday treat today – a lot of people find this blog by Googling ‘how to write ___ in Teeline’, so I thought I’d post the responses to some of the most recent searches.

Top row: light, baby, animal
Middle row: hello, I love you, dog
Bottom row: Teeline shorthand, question, this and that

If anyone has any specific requests for words or passages they’d like to see written in Teeline, let me know and I’ll do it!



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  1. Rob says:

    Outstanding blog Kayleigh! I found your words of wisdom relating to Brighton journalist works really informative. I’m due to start the course in September (and am looking forward to relocating to wonderful Brighton!). Is there anything I should do to prepare? and can you recommend any teeline online resources or books?

    Keep up the good work at soupdejournalism!

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thank you so much! Firstly, you’ve made a fantastic choice as the course really is brilliant. I’ve never enjoyed learning as much as I did in my time there, and it never felt like a chore. Brighton is also lovely (born and bred myself) – where are you moving from?

      Marie Cartwright’s NCTJ Teeline Gold Standard for Journalists is the best shorthand resource for this course, as you’ll be following it throughout your shorthand lessons. I can’t recommend strongly enough that you get to grips with the basics before you start as it means you will hit the ground running and start with confidence. If you’re not starting until September you’ll have plenty of time πŸ™‚

      I also recommend keeping an eye on The Argus website so you can see what sort of thing they like to publish. You’ll have the chance to get your stories published in The Argus during your time on the course and it’ll be useful to see what they like to publish.

      Best of luck, and please feel free to ask if you have any other questions!

      1. Rob says:

        Thanks for the encouraging response!

        I was pretty impressed by journ. wrks at their selection interview! and I think you’ve confirmed my feeling that I’ve made the right choice.

        I’m from Warwickshire in the Midlands, but I guess you could say I’m moving from Saudi Arabia! (where I’ve been teaching English for the past few months). I’m starting completely fresh in Brighton (as I don’t know a single person their, and have only been about 3 times in my life!). But it seemed to have a cool vibe the few times I did visit . . .

        Thanks for the heads up on the book. I’m already trying to figure out the alphabet and basic words, outlines etc and teeline is actually starting to make sense – sort of πŸ˜‰

        I have about a month free during the summer, I was wondering, do you think it’s realistic to expect to find work experience before starting the course?

        I’m sure I’ll be hassling with you more questions at some point – and you got my vote for the blog awards! Good luck.


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