A taste of things to come


This week has been great! It’s been extremely busy, but in a really good way.

Firstly, I carried out my first ever restaurant review at Soho’s Ceviche, which will hopefully be appearing on the Flux Magazine website soon, so I’ll link to that once it’s online. It was great fun, and to be honest my favourite journalistic task so far. Anyone reading this who has a restaurant, or ANYTHING, they’d like reviewing, then do get in touch! I’m currently writing my review up and really enjoying it. It gave me the chance to play with my new dictaphone for the first time too, and I’m using it alongside my shorthand notes (and, of course, the tasting at the restaurant) to put it all together.

Secondly, I’ve just received confirmation that I’ll be doing work experience at Men’s Health from 4th December! I’ve managed to blag it so that it fits in perfectly with my uni schedule, and I’m SO excited. I’m just looking at the website now to try to familiarise myself with the content and style, and will be running out to buy a copy as soon as I possibly can! I’m exploding with excitement already to be honest and there’s still more than a week to go until I start!

ANYWAY, Peep Show is about to start and I’m screaming with excitement so can no longer focus. I shall keep you all posted with what’s occurring!



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