Feeling manly and healthy


The title is a massive lie. I feel neither manly nor healthy. I had an excellent bath earlier with all the Lush products in the world and now smell of vanilla, and I sound like Gollum at the moment. The title is, of course, a reference to the fact that my Men’s Health work experience commences on Tuesday. Goodness gracious!

In other news, I also have an interview for a staff writer position on Thursday. Apparently there is a written element to the interview which sounds exciting. I’ve no idea how many other candidates are being interviewed, but I should imagine it’s quite a few, so I’m not getting my hopes up but I’ll just do what I always do and see if it’s what they’re looking for.

Today I have started some Christmas wrapping (I LOVE wrapping, you have no idea) and have sorted through my shoes to find some to give to charity. I also managed to fill two binbags with clothes for charity (they went to Age Concern if you’re wondering; they were heavy bags and it was the first charity shop I came across on the cesspit of Brighton, London Road). I’m going to print some more recent work to put in my NCTJ portfolio tonight, and might create a magician sim on Sims 3 Showtime. To be honest today I’ve done nothing of worth at all, but I love this sort of day.

My schedule is looking BUSY again. Tomorrow I have a blood test (to see how god-awful my blood sugar levels have been over the past three months, and will then be returning to London where I shall commence writing my Aesthetics essay. Tuesday and Wednesday I’m at Men’s Health, and might (MIGHT) attempt a visit to Bloomsbury Gym. Thursday I have a lecture, followed by possibly some recording and then my interview. Friday is Philosophy of Language, then back to Brighton for a concert at Lancing College. Saturday evening, I’m going to the theatre with my friend Rachel to see Haunting Julia. Sunday I’ll be returning to London once again for more Men’s Health until Wednesday, then Thursday is a lecture followed by a trip to the Southbank Christmas market followed by a festive meal with the uni girls, and Friday is THE LAST DAY OF TERM i.e. HALFWAY THROUGH FINAL YEAR i.e. FIVE SIXTHS OF THE WAY THROUGH UNI. Not that I’m excited or anything…

ANYWAY. I’m very busy and important (I jest) so I have more wrapping to do. GOOD DAY TO YOU. I will be writing up my interview with a pilot imminently. Look forward to that.



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