My first taste of magazine journalism


I’ve spent the past couple of days doing some work experience at Men’s Health. I am LOVING it so far, I must say! OK, so I may not be a man, but I am very healthy (excluding the diabetes which isn’t even my fault) and I’ve very very interested in health, nutrition etc., so it’s great for me.

My first task was to find some statistics about porn and holidays (unrelated facts, not something combining the two). Talk about in at the deep end! Most of the first day was then spent doing the write-ups for the online Christmas gift guide which I really enjoyed. The second day involved transcribing an interview (which takes a lot longer than I expected and involves a hell of a lot of rewinding on the dictaphone) and then I did some of the gadget write-ups. When they’re online I’ll obviously link up. I also had to phone a company and arrange a product with them to put into the guide. For some reason I was a lot less anxious about making that phonecall than any of the calls I had to make at The Argus.

I would love to do what I’ve been doing at Men’s Health as a job. The environment is great, the people are lovely and it’s nice to work on subjects I’m interested in. It’s literally about two streets away from Financial Express too. Maybe this is a sign I’m destined to work around Carnaby Street/ Soho? (this is no bad thing and I’d be very happy to do so) I also have a great view of the BT Tower, which is ugly as hell, but it reminds me of Freshers when I always used it as a reference point to help me get back to halls.

I was meant to have an interview this afternoon but had an email telling me the job is full-time from January, so I decided not to go for this one and waste their time, but I’ve told them I’m very interested in anything from March onwards. To be honest, even the offer of an interview is promising in these difficult times for journalists, so hopefully by the time March comes around and uni is over and done with I’ll be able to find someone willing to employ me. (Men’s Health, if you’re reading this, PLEASE let me come work for you!)

ANYWAY. I think I’m going to write another review soon as my Celebrate review is pulling in lots more readers than I expected. I was going to review Skyfall but my semi-written version is on the computer in Brighton. Anything in particular you want me to review? I’d be more than happy to give it a go!

(I couldn’t resist…)


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