Seasons Eatings!


The title today is in honour of the fact that my Ceviche review is now online for you to read! It’s nice to have something else published by a different website… what can I say? I’m ALL about the diversity. What I’d really love is for you to like it, share it, tweet it, comment on it… spread the word! I can honestly say, and this genuinely isn’t just because I reviewed it, that Ceviche is a FANTASTIC restaurant, and I suggest you read my review to find out why. Yes, I really am doing this.

This week and last, I’ve been at Men’s Health doing work experience as an editorial assistant. I have LOVED IT. I’ve been doing lots of little bits and pieces; mostly doing the product write-ups for the online gift guides (I did a lot of the food and drink guide and style ideas, for instance), which involved a combination of using press releases and doing my own research to put together the little blurbs about the products. I was also phoning PR companies to gather more product ideas for the guides (mostly fragrance and grooming), which is known as ‘calling in’ products. I wrote a little style piece for the newsletter, which I signed up for but don’t think I actually received it, so if, on the off-chance, anyone reading this receives the Men’s Health style newsletter (and specifically has yesterday’s, 13/12/12), I’d be very grateful if you could forward it to me. It was basically a slightly longer version of this. Another task I had involved working with the Men’s Health website CMS to choose some topical featured articles for each page. It’s quite time-consuming, but I like learning about the ‘backstage’ workings. By featured articles, I mean this:

Highlights on the Men’s Health website

I’ve put a red and yellow box around the part I was working on. Those are actually my exact choices. If you’re reading this relatively soon after I posted this, they will all be my selections. You should definitely go to the Men’s Health website and check them out live. I did them for all the sections, by the way, not just the Living section. 

All in all, I had a really great time, and I think I’m probably going back after Christmas for a bit, which I’m immensely looking forward to. Everyone is really friendly, and I could definitely see myself working somewhere similar.

I’m now back from uni for Christmas, and it feels great to be out of London and back in freezing old Sussex. I have quite a lot of work to do over the holidays, what with my essays and dissertation research and audio file processing, so I’ll have to knuckle down, but I’m taking this weekend off to go and socialise and run wild and free. For now, though, I am going to go lay face down on the floor as I did a taxing stint on the cross-trainer and I need to establish whether or not I’m still alive. I’ll let you know my verdict in due course.



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