The post-festivity slump


This is the only time you’ll hear me say this, but I was very glad to see my blog views slump over Christmas. I’m very reassured to know that I have readers who aren’t glued to their screens all over Christmas and that you switched off and hopefully enjoyed the day! My Christmas was very chilled, which was nice, though I’m having to be very good with my diet (yeah thanks diabetes) so I’ve been very restrained. I also did two bouts on the cross trainer on Christmas Day. It seems a bit wrong to say that on the one day of the year where it’s acceptable to overindulge, but I know I’d just pay for it later so I went for the damage limitation approach.

Having said that, I did write up a little review last night, of a recipe book I received for Christmas: Canteen: Great British Food. This was purely because I was bitten by the writing bug and couldn’t bear to do anything useful (i.e. the mountain of uni work which is on the brink of crashing down on me in a massive academic avalanche). I have various other things I might review (I do love a review), along with various other ideas (new and old) that I need to get on top of. Unfortunately I’m going to be drowning in work for the forseeable future, but I will do my utmost to get some of the pieces I’ve had waiting in the wings for millions of years out into the world. 

This afternoon I have fallen into the classic trap whereby you’re miles off an essay’s wordcount, so you ramble to fill the space and end up flying over the wordcount. I’m 300 words over without an introduction or conclusion or references. Annoying, as now I have to spend time I hadn’t accounted for editing down. Then I have to plough through my Phonology essay (about Cypriot Greek) and start Philosophy of Language. I’ve started the tiniest bit of dissertation research but I already hate my dissertation, and I’ve not written a single word of it.

PLEASE, journalists, employ me! I’ll be the best baby journalist you ever had!



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