A stressed mess


Nothing much in the way of journalistic endeavour to report today I’m afraid. I do hope you don’t see this update posts as a cop-out, but why let my boring life stand in the way of a new blog entry?

Basically at the moment I am SO STRESSED. I have my final exam EVER on Tuesday and there is A LOT to learn. A LOT. A LOT. Oh god. On the plus side though, NO EXAMS EVER AGAIN! Until I learn to drive but the fact it’s called a driving TEST makes me feel like it doesn’t count.

Even then though, the fun just doesn’t stop. I then have to come up with an experiment proposal by Friday, which must then be turned into a 1,500 word essay. I also have to research, plan and write a 3,000 word project for Nordic Landscapes. I also have to finish collecting my experimental data for my dissertation and finish writing that. I also have to write a 1,000 word plan for my Phonology essay. I also have to then write the actual 3,000 word Phonology essay. It is unbelievable. All this and the prospect of starting full-time work a week Monday and Paris in less than a month. Wow.

Bejeweled Blitz
The extent of today’s revision – check out my coins now!

I can’t wait to get this exam out of the way. Even though I have a lot to do at least I can pace myself. Everything else is on hold for the moment while I cram revise. Then it’s just non-stop essays and work, essays and work, essays and work throughout April, and then WORK WORK WORK. Forever. Ooft.

I have some ideas I’d like to work on soon when I have a little time back, and I intend to enlist the help of some talented friends of mine. More details to come when I have more of an idea about what exactly it is I want to achieve, but it’s the thought that counts, right? All I know is that it will be some sort of journalistic project diverging from writing alone. As I said though, I will explain further in due course.

I apologise if it seems like I’m going AWOL for the time being, but I’m under a lot of pressure from all angles and I need some time to catch up, get up to date and sort myself out. Hopefully everything will settle down at some point.



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