Happy Mondays


Today is Monday, yet despite this I am very chipper. I know, how and why? WELL…

Today was also the first day of my new job! I don’t want to say too much but I will just say that I already love it and I think I’m going to really enjoy everything. I think I actually might not mind Mondays from now on. This will be a major turn up for the books! I’m motivated and excited and this never happens so this is brilliant.

The ‘storm’ turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax. Brighton was supposed to be slap bang in the middle of the risk area but all we had here was a few rattly windows. We’re on top of a hill as well, so I expected to see the effects amplified, but no. Not that I’m complaining. Just classic media hysteria. Slow news days all round I suspect.

My love for Twitter is undying. In recent weeks I have managed to exchange tweets with Toby and Ali from GBBO, my favourite author in the world Jon McGregor and another author I have loved for years called Ben Hatch (today, in fact!). Through my tweets to Jon McGregor, I was followed by a short story author, Benjamin Johncock, and I have now bought a book in which he was published. I have also had a response from James Redmond who used to be on Casualty (John ‘Abs’ Denham for fellow early noughties fans). And, you know, finding out that an author you really respect has read your blog is seriously exciting.

It isn’t just the fact I am speaking to stars of the small screen and authors that excites me, though. It’s more the fact that Twitter gives you a platform to spark up a dialogue with anyone. Where else could I shower a TV baker with praise and get an instant response? Where else could I share my utter awe at the writing of authors I aspire to write like and get a reply within minutes? And it’s not just people like this, it’s everyone. I love the fact you can have exchanges with total strangers who are thinking about the same things as you and it’s not weird.

I can never understand it when there are people who want to be journalists who don’t have Twitter. I have said this before and I stick by it. Twitter is where so much news breaks. You can monitor conversations, you can keep ahead of the major news channels a lot of the time, you can follow livetweeting at events. I love that. It is so unique and so simple and it is perfect for that reason. I implore anyone with an interest in events, whether that’s politics or fashion shows or just the world around them, to sign up and get tweeting.

Anyway, I digress. In a nutshell, today’s post condensed into haiku form is:

Hooray for Monday
The storm was not threatening
Twitter is the bomb

Also it’s my 22nd birthday on Thursday. Halloween! Spooky, but it all makes sense when people find this out.



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