Awesome autumn


So, as you may or may not know, autumn is far and away my favourite season. ‘Autumn people’ are also my favourite people. If you prefer the bright, brisk mornings and moody, mumbling evenings, welcome on board. You’re one of me. As such, I’ve been having a great few weeks, not least because I very much enjoy every aspect of my life at the moment.

I am still not going to talk about the specifics of my job, but I realise I have been terribly coy about it so far. Essentially, I suppose there are elements of what I do that you could call journalism, insofar as I am conducting interviews and writing web copy and features and doing extensive editing and proofreading and managing the social media and all sorts of other lovely things I very much enjoy. The important thing is that I feel like my skills are being put to good use and that might be why I feel very content doing what I’m doing.

I have recently been ploughing through all the freelance client work I also carry out (because why do things by halves?) because I don’t know how to relax. Although, having said that, I have also been something of a lady of leisure recently, having been to see Stewart Lee on Saturday and out for meals and drinks last week, so I can hardly complain about being ‘too busy’. I might be snowed under, but I would never let that get in the way of having a life. My free time is too precious for that.

I am all too aware that I haven’t done a lot in the way of interviews or features for this blog recently. To be quite honest, I just haven’t had the time that that sort of writing requires. It is far easier to put together a quick overview of my life than to research and structure a full ‘journalistic-esque’ piece. I promise I’ll get back on that soon once everything has calmed down a little. Is there anything you’d especially like to see me write?



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  1. I’m very much Autumn – named my cat after the season… I just like the whiteness this time of year – the subtle hue, rather than the brutal yellow and Vegasness of the summer.

    1. You’re a me! It is very difficult to explain why the weak sunlight is so gorgeous and bleak and grey and why the way the trees sigh and commit their leaves to dust and why the aching chill all meld into this perfect staccato sludge. Maybe sludge isn’t right. I think it’s more of a broth. Autumn is very much a brothy, heady season.

      1. I completely get it. It’s by far the most elegant of the seasons – transitional – there’s beginnings and ends… but not quite the harshness that follows.

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