A lesson in hygge dressing

It’s not warm is it?! It was a cool 2 degrees when I dragged myself kicking and screaming out of bed at 7am, and it was pretty when I was loitering at the bus stop after work too. It’s been a pretty mild winter, but that doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near ready to ditch the winter woollens yet, so today I’m thinking about how to channel hygge in what I wear to see me through these chilly months.

Woolly tights

I live in tights all year round. Whether it’s January or July, I can’t do without them. I’m so pale I’m pretty much grey (shout out to the man at Heathrow who said ‘Ooh, ghost!’ when he saw my passport photo), so it’s safest for everyone if I keep my legs covered at every opportunity. My number one winter essential is wool tights, and I’m especially loving Le Bourget Laine cable wool tights at the moment. The merino wool makes them feel very luxe, which is a lovely treat for a workday – little pleasures, right? I wore mine to work today with very 70s tan ankle boots, an unstructured black dress and a beige cape, and I was super snug all day. They’re 80 denier, so I didn’t get the chilly shins I’ve come to dread with my flimsy black opaques, and the soft, ecru wool makes it feel like I’m wearing a jumper on my legs. Now there’s an idea…

Ankle boots

Purple ankle boots standing on grassI can’t be doing with delicate shoes at this time of year. No no no. It’s all about the ankle boots (when is it not?), and you can say what you like about them, but there’s no boot cosier than the humble Ugg. I invested in a second pair this winter (don’t judge, we’re all friends here) and I have zero regrets. If you need something a bit smarter though, don’t forget to include some secret hygge with thermal insoles. I never really used to see the point, but my mum swears by them, and when I once borrowed a pair of her boots I totally noticed the difference. During my recent trip to Lapland (more on that soon…) they were a godsend.


Wow, how groundbreaking! Gloves in winter you say? Well, yes, I know it’s obvious, but I never used to wear them. I used to brave it winter after winter and then not be able to do my handwriting exercises at school (probably why I basically write in hieroglyphics now), so I’ve taken the hint and made an investment. But we’re not just looking for gloves here – we’re looking for hygge, so I recommend these Dents tartan gloves. Faux fur? Check. Tartan? Check. Cosy wool? Check. There is nothing not to love. Mine work on touchscreens too, so I can carry on shuffling through 35 songs before settling on one I want to listen to to my heart’s content.


As someone who doesn’t own an umbrella, scarves have saved my fringe on appalling Kayleigh Tanner in Bruges standing next to a Father Christmas modelwinter days on countless occasions. Not just a way to keep your neck warm, scarves are the most hardworking part of the hygge wardrobe. I’ve often been known to wrap mine around my head to avoid looking like a drowned rat on my lunchbreak. They’re also ideal for arranging strategically over stains (look I’m a clumsy eater and I always will be), wrapping around cold midriffs (the trend for cropped everything isn’t forgiving at this time of year) and even providing emergency bag straps when yours snaps in Boots (don’t even). You really can’t go wrong with a scarf. Chuck one in your bag right now. You’ll thank me one day. Urban Outfitters is my favourite place for scarves, but I’ve also managed to pick up some bargains on eBay for 99p.


Hear me out! I love cold, bright days at this time of year; especially when the winter sun is low in the sky and all the shadows are about a mile long. But sunglasses are a good way to make it feel a little bit closer to summer. Remember how important lighting is for hygge? That gorgeous golden glow can make all the difference between a gloomy January morning and a day that’s just on the cusp of spring. I think it can have quite a powerful effect on your mood too. Most of us associate sunglasses with summer and lighter, brighter days, which might just give us the boost we need when vitamin D levels are running low.

So tell me – what are you wearing to stay warm this January?

Post written in collaboration with uktights.com



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lots and lots of layers keep me warm this winter

    1. I’m a huge fan of layers, especially for days when you’re indoors and outdoors constantly – shivering and boiling hot!

  2. Hobsons says:

    Hi Kayleigh, Totally love your blog, thank you! Very inspiring and fun. My Australian cousin lives in Norway so I am looking forward to talking to her about it from her experience. Anyway – just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your posts. All the best, Frances

    Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 21:07:31 +0000 To: frhobson@hotmail.co.uk

    1. Hi Frances! Aww, thank you so much, that’s really kind of you! I’m jealous of your cousin – Norway is gorgeous! 🙂 x

  3. ramblingtart says:

    Living in Australia the thought of trying to get WARMER in January makes me cringe. 🙂 It’s piping hot already! But when it is winter here, I too live in tights and scarves and comfy, warm boots. 🙂

    1. Haha, I bet! It’s like when you’re outside in summer and see someone wearing a COAT – how and why?! How cold do your winters get over there? We had a tiny flurry of snow over the weekend!

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