Special delivery: Living Hygge box

Who doesn’t love receiving parcels? Nobody, that’s who! I’m the queen of ordering things online and forgetting about it, so it’s always a nice surprise when something appears at the door a few days later. Now, what could possibly make the parcel-receiving experience even better…

… that’s right! Hygge in a box! And thanks to Living Hygge, that’s now possible. The hygge box works like any other subscription service (think beauty boxes like Birchbox or snack boxes like Graze), where for £10 a month (plus postage), you will receive a little box full of hygge treats and inspiration to help you on your hygge journey. This is great if you’re just getting to know the concept or if you’re a little further along and need some reminders to take time out for yourself each month.

Living Hygge box

The hygge box contains different seasonal items each month, including treats to encourage you to relax, creative kickstarters, memory makers and even ways to light up your life. Sounds cosy, right?

Sisters Deborah and Samantha set up Living Hygge this year as a response to the huge surge in interest in hygge and all things Danish. I spoke to Deborah to find out a little bit more about the box and why she loves hygge so much.

“I got into hygge last October when I saw a tweet about it,” said Deborah. I identified with it immediately, I think, because the whole concept reminded me of what my childhood was like and growing up on Dartmoor where everything is either very grey or very cosy in winter.” There’s something about grey, gloomy weather that makes the cosy contrast so much more distinct – I certainly much prefer getting snug indoors when the rain is hammering down on a bleak winter evening.

So why did Deborah and Samantha decide to launch the boxes? “I knew that I wanted to a) extend this state of mind to my own children, if I wasn’t already – I certainly needed to be more conscious of it; and b) extend it to others without breaking the bank.” This is certainly important – as we know, hygge needn’t cost a thing, and the beauty of the concept itself is that it’s accessible to anyone, so it’s reassuring that the boxes offer great value for money. “The subscription boxes had to be perfect, and I didn’t want to rush them, so I waited a whole year and gather ideas and perfected the concept. The best things come to those who wait!”

The concept is lovely. A lot of care has gone into the items. In this box, I received jasmine tea in a pretty little handmade box, a card with a stamped envelope (very useful!) to encourage me to reconnect with a friend, a craft activity (I won’t spoil the surprise but it involves sticks and wool – I promise you’ll never guess what it is!), a hygge stone in its own little felt pouch (Deborah’s favourite item in the box) and the most hyggeligt item of them all – fairy lights! You can NEVER have too many fairy lights, and I can’t wait to get these hung up in my bedroom. Another little touch I loved was the sprig of rosemary as you open the box – I actually think it smells a little bit like a Christmas tree, but that could just be me getting carried away now it’s getting properly cold!

Living Hygge box

Another thing I like is the little handwritten, handmade touches. The ‘drink me’, ‘make me’ notes are adorable, and I loved the fact that the fairy lights were wrapped up – it’s like an extra little gift inside an already cute gift! This fits in really well with the concept of hygge, and these little personal touches help elevate the box over the typical subscription boxes and make it feel like a present from a friend.

Essentially, if you’re a hygge enthusiast, this is something you’ll probably love. More than ‘things’, it encourages experiences and activities, setting it apart from all the other subscription boxes on the market (and there are A LOT). I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is more clutter, so I like the fact that most of these items are things that can be used or consumed.

And finally – what is Deborah’s number one tip for living a more hyggeligt life? “My top tip is to give yourself permission. It’s OK not to have an agenda; in fact it’s critical to health and wellbeing to take time out and enjoy ourselves and practise self care.”

You can order the hygge box for £10+P&P on the Living Hygge website.



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  1. hyggejem says:

    I love your description of it as “like a gift from a friend “. Having taken part in a few 12 days of Christmas swaps, I can totally agree with that! The gifts were beautifully wrapped and so uncommercialised compared to eg Birchbox, where the purpose is to make you buy.

    1. Yes, it’s nice to have an excuse to slow down and think for a bit (not that I ever need an excuse to slow down, hahaha)

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